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How to Improve Your Curb Appeal and Interior Decor at the Same Time

I’m always a fan of killing two birds with one stone – not literally, that would be a bit of a strange thing to admit! No, I mean that I enjoy doing one thing that has more than one consequence. Especially when that one thing can improve both the exterior and interior design of the home! People always go on about improving their home decor and interior design, but then they neglect the way their house looks on the outside.

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To counter this, I’ve got a few very simple suggestions that will improve the way your house looks on the inside, while also boosting your exterior curb appeal for all to see!

3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Exterior and Decorate Your Interior

improve your curb appeal exterior interior
Your curtains add privacy, block out light, and give your home a welcoming look from both the inside and outside.

Upgrade Your Curtains and Blinds

Is it just me that finds curtain design somewhat bemusing? A lot of them will have the main pattern/design of the curtain facing inside your home. Fair enough, this improves the way the room looks, and everyone inside can enjoy it. However, when they’re drawn, people on the outside just see a plain backside. In my eyes, it can ruin the way your house looks to people on the outside. Instead, get some curtains that show the design on both sides, so it’s visible from the outside as well. Or, get blinds instead! Either way, this little move will transform your curb appeal and make the exterior of your home far more appealing.

Naturally, upgrading your curtains or blinds will have a knock-out effect inside your home. You get a set of curtains/blinds that look way better than your previous ones. These are never going to be the main feature in your rooms, but they’re a handy accessory. With the right curtains or blinds, you can really bring a place together and solidify a certain interior design trend that you’re aiming to replicate.

Replace Your Windows

This is a pretty self-explanatory idea that has dual consequences for both inside and outside your home. When you get your hands on replacement windows, you will massively improve the way people see your home. From the outside, it will look a lot cleaner, more modern, and just generally more presentable. You’ll have glistening new window panes with lovely fittings holding them in place. Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous new set of windows when it comes to improving curb appeal.

When you step inside your home, new windows will make a difference there as well. Of course, when you replace windows, it means you have a clean and fresh start. So, the room these windows are in will be transformed and feel more vibrant and new. This is such a useful idea if you’ve had the same windows for years and they’ve become grimy and dirty. Upgrade them, improve your home, and watch every passerby and house guest be green with envy.

Windowsill Accessories

home exterior upgrades
Simple flowers displayed in a window are a thoughtful and welcoming touch.

If you have windowsills inside your home, then they present the perfect opportunity to do something special. All you need to do is get your hands on a couple of things you can use as accessories to improve both the interior/exterior design of your home. I’m a big lover of nice large vases full of flowers or vibrant green plants. They improve your interior, but they also give your home style from the outside. If you prefer to steer away from flowers or plants, you could try to find colorful accessory pieces that look nice on the windowsill and from outside.

The main idea here is that you think like a boutique owner. You know how they often put the nicest and most attractive things in the front window to grab attention and make their store look good? This is pretty much what you’re doing with these accessories on your windowsill! But, you also get the benefit of an accessory that makes the interior of the room look even better. Many windows are built with a nice little sill for you to put things on. If not, then you can mount a small shelf. All you need is a ledge that sticks out enough to place an accessory or two and watch the immediate impact it has on your home.

window decor 1_pexelsSummary

As you can see, all of these ideas involve you doing one simple thing that affects the way your home looks. People will start walking by your house and getting a sore neck as they keep turning their heads to stare at it. From the inside, you will have a stunning property that makes you feel proud and amazes any guests.

Do you have any tips on decorating windows for maximum impact? Please do share them in the comments or with us on Facebook.

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