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How to Heatwave Proof Your Home

It seems like we all know to get your home prepped for cold fall and winter weather, but have you ever wondered how to heatwave proof your home before the summer?

There seems to be a heatwave coming for so many different parts of the world at the minute, so we thought it would be appropriate to do a post that will prepare everyone for when it finally does come.

If the world has a summer like it did last year, then we’re definitely in for some serious heat coming our way. But preparing for it is something we never actually do, is it. All we do is get super excited about the news of it coming, and maybe buy a few bits and pieces of summer clothes ready for it. But when it really comes to us and our home, we hardly ever get ready for it, which is one of the reasons why our homes just aren’t suitable for it.

So hopefully by the end of this article, you will feel more than prepared to spend this heatwave that’s coming for us, in your lovely summery home! So keep on reading, and see if you like any of the tips that we have!


Bring The Cool Factor

The cool factor is definitely what you’re going to need in your home. Because if you’re spending some time outdoors and you feel like you’re just melting away, you don’t want to come indoors and have the same experience.

And there are so many cool ways that you can bring the cool factor to your home, without just buying a rubbish little desk fan and hoping that it cools you down. Instead, look for tropical fans that hang from the ceiling. These will give you the ultimate level of comfort in your home. It’s better than trying to have some AC unit installed, which we know costs a fortune, and the fan will actually create a nice little draft that will help to keep you cool throughout the day and night!

Spend Your Time Outdoors

You will no doubt want to spend all of the time that you can outdoors unless you’re really not a sun person. But even if you’re not, you should want to spend as much time as you can outdoors, because it really is the best place for you.

With the sun shining and the birds tweeting, it helps to melt all of that stress away! So think about making your garden really sociable, with perhaps a sun lounger or two as well. Then, you can spend some time soaking up the sun if you want to. But one cool idea that we like for the social side, is a wooden bench and table.

It looks different from what people usually go for, and with a big, shady umbrella above you, it’ll be perfect for afternoon tea parties, and BBQ’s all year round!

Small Decor Changes

If you can, you should try and make some small decor changes to your home to help lift the heat. The best tip that we do have, is to change all of the walls to a light color. This facelift helps to make your home look nice and summery. In addition, it also helps to bring in more of the light, and keep your home cool at the same time!

The Bottom Line

You might be ready for the summer heatwave–is your home?

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