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Summer 101: Get Your Home Ready!

Summer is a strange season. We wait all year for it to come, and then we spend most of the time complaining about it! We complain that it’s too hot, the sun is too bright, and so on. This segues us perfectly onto today’s blog post: how to get your home ready for the summer sun? Check out my advice, and let me know what you thought of it by dropping a comment afterward.

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Buy Some Garden Sprinklers

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The sun doesn’t just affect your house, it wreaks havoc on your garden as well. Most notably, it destroys your lawn, like, properly burns it up. Going out and watering your lawn once per day just isn’t going to do the trick when you get loads of sun and no rain. So, buy some garden sprinklers to simulate some light rainfall. Turn them on now and again to water your grass and keep your garden beautiful and green during the sunny months.

Get Some Furniture Covers

Your outdoor or patio furniture will take an absolute battering from the sun in two different ways. Firstly, it can fade things with complete ease. Certain fabrics or leather furniture are the main worry areas here, as is your carpet. Secondly, the heat from the sun can make the furniture very hot and uncomfortable to sit on. To counter this, get some furniture covers.

Inside, try this trick. Drape a light throw or something over your sofa and chairs to stop them from fading from the sunshine or becoming too hot.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Works

Air conditioning is a must for all homes during the summer months. So, the last thing you want is a faulty unit that doesn’t work. Get your system serviced by a company like A+ Heating & Cooling and you will feel safe in the knowledge that your house has a way of staying cool. This will definitely come in handy when you’re struggling with the heat and don’t want to open your windows to let all the bugs in from outside! If you don’t have air conditioning, and you’re already finding it hard to cope with the heat, then plan a budget to install it in your home asap.

Seek Some Shade

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Your curtains add privacy, block out light (and heat!), and give your home a welcoming look from both the inside and outside.

While we all love lying in the sun and catching a tan, sometimes it’s better off to seek the comfort of some shade. To apply this idea to your home, there are a couple of things I have in mind. Firstly, get sun umbrellas or different things that help create shade in your garden. This stops you from overheating if you’re sitting outside eating dinner, etc. Also, think about buying some blinds that help shield your interiors from the sun. This will also help your furniture alongside the covers I mentioned earlier, but it primarily serves to keep your home cooler on the inside.

Summer should be a time where everyone has fun and enjoys the sun. So, don’t let it cause havoc around your home! Follow my advice if you want to make your home summer-ready and not worry about the effects the sun can have.

Editorial Note: The contributing writer today has some great points on how to keep your home cool. Because I live in a humid semi-coastal zone in North Carolina, I can definitely relate to hot summers! What do you do to keep cool all summer long?

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