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3 Best Tips to Keep Your Gardening Tools Organized (Neatly and Easily)

One of the main things you need to do when trying to get a garden started is to invest in the right gardening tools.

Growing your own vegetables can be both a lot of hard work and very rewarding. Over 77 percent of the households in America have a garden. 

Getting essential items like hoes and broadforks can make preparing your soil and eliminating weeds much more comfortable. The tools from Easy Digging are both affordable and well-made. Once you have the right gardening tools in your possession, keeping them organized should be your primary goal. Read below for some helpful hints on keeping your garden tools organized.

1 – Optimize Your Shed For Organization

Investing in a shed is something millions of homeowners do each year. Having a shed allows you to store tools and other items that can’t be kept in your home. Before you start putting your gardening tools in the shed, you need to invest in some wall organizers. These organizers are both very inexpensive and provide lots of space for your gardening tools.

Before going out to get these organizers, you need to measure the handles on your gardening tools. By doing this, you can avoid getting the wrong size hangers. When installing these hangers, you need to make sure you hit a stud in the wall. The weight from the tools will put a strain on the organizers and the screws used to mount them. This is why anchoring them to a wall stud is so essential.

2 – Invest in a Storage Rack for Your Gardening Tools

Not only will you need to find a way to keep your tools organized, but you also need to work on making them accessible. The last thing any new gardener wants is to have an armload of tools to take to the garden. Instead of putting a strain on your back, you need to think about investing in a rolling tool rack.

Generally, these racks will feature several compartments designed to hold a variety of different gardening tools. With the help of this rack, you’ll be able to take all of the items you need to tend to your crops. When buying a tool cart, be sure to focus on how durable the wheels are. Ideally, you want to choose a cart that has larger plastic wheels on it. Getting a cart with plastic wheels will help you avoid flats and other problems common with rubber tires.

basket of fruits and vegetables
Organizing your shed or garage enables you to grow productively during peak season.

3 – Create Labels to Put Over Your Storage Racks

The time you spend on organizing your shed with the help of storage racks will be for nothing if you don’t put the tools back where they go. This is why creating large labels to put above the storage rack is a good idea. With these labels, you and whoever is helping you garden can clearly see where each tool is supposed to go.

The Takeaway: Organize Your Gardening Tools and You’ll Better Enjoy Your Work

Skimping on the quality of your gardening tools to save a few dollars is a horrible idea. Cheaper gardening tools will usually break in a hurry, which is why you need to opt for higher-quality items. So failing to take care of them well or store them in a way that extends their life is a waste of time and money.  

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