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Love Plants? A Guide to Decorating with Nature

Plants can bring a touch of nature into your home decor.

Today, when you live in an apartment, it can be a bit stifling since all you see are the same four walls day in and day out. You’ll want to liven things up. One of the better ways to do so is to decorate with some plant life. Greenery brings something that can perk you up and make your day seem brighter. Here’s how you can adequately integrate plants into your interior design:

Floor Plants

The most obvious way to integrate greenery into your home is to bring it in. Many planters can accommodate a good-sized plant. The usual choice can be anything from three-foot shrubs to seven-foot giants. There are several things to consider. For one, these plants must be in corners or alcoves; they are too big and can impede movement. Another thing is that these are living beings, and they will need sunlight and nutrition.

 Interior Gardens

One of the options that are becoming more popular is setting up a vertical garden. You can have an entire wall devoted to plants, with an eclectic mix of them creating a singular effect. Creating an artificial vertical garden in the Philippines and other countries should be easy enough. One of its major components is the orchid and other decorative plants. However, don’t limit yourself to just an ornamental plant. A garden is for growing things, and you can use it to cultivate herbs and small vegetables. For example, you can have fresh parsley or coriander with a bit of effort.

Go Small

Similar to the garden idea, you can have small potted plants dot your home. They can be in small groups or individually, but the effect can be quite soothing. The right plants can go a long way into adding some green, whether it is on a coffee table or the kitchen corner.

Do Some Cuts

It is also possible to have some greens without actually cultivating things. If you have a garden, you can cut some blooms and put them into flower vases. Just add some water, and you’re done. These cuts don’t need water that much and need regular replacing, but they are better than nothing.

Aim to Be Dry

Succulents like aloe vera are easy to maintain.

If your plants always end up dying on you, there is a solution to that: using cacti and other dry weather plants. These plants are a prickly addition to your décor, but they are green and alive. Some of them even bloom. All you need to do is to water them occasionally, and you should be able to have a healthy amount of greenery with a minimum of fuss.

Bring Plants and Nature into Your Home

In the end, you should remember that plants are very adaptable and can be found in various locations. Bringing them inside or adding them to your décor is an excellent idea since it adds a touch of the natural to what are typically artificial environments. The ideas above are just some of the ways you can use plants to your advantage when it comes to interior design.


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