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Essential Health Additions To Your Indoor Garden

When you think of making your house healthy and fresher, the idea of adding plants to your interior decor is a natural conclusion. After all, plants, and even potted plants, are renowned for creating a relaxing atmosphere. As they produce oxygen, they significantly improve your indoor air quality, giving you access pure and clean air directly at home! The brain and the body need oxygen to perform to their full functions. That means an indoor garden can be a healthy addition and lend beauty.

Bringing plants to your home office, for instance, can help you to be better performing day after day. Finally, you can also find houseplants that can absorb the toxins in the air to remove harmful particles such as toxic chemicals which can lead to respiratory discomfort and other health conditions. In fact, there is no doubt in the mind of most homeowners that plants are a positive and healthy improvement of the household.

But have you ever stopped to consider how you can make your household environment healthier for your beloved houseplants? Indeed, while most plants adapt to indoor conditions, you could improve your indoors to make it more plant-friendly.

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Learn how to grow tomatoes in your indoor garden.

You need fresh air to keep your plants healthy

Ultimately, plants can produce oxygen. However, they can’t grow in a confined space with little to none air renewal. Plants need to breathe as much as you do. When the air gets stale, they struggle to survive. If you’ve got indoor plants, you need to make sure to ventilate the room regularly. Additionally, if you’re using an AC unit in your conservatory, it’s a good idea to proceed to all necessary AC repair as soon as possible. A broken unit could pollute the air and affect the health of your plants. You need to remember that, while some houseplants can remove toxins from the air, there’s only so much a plant can do in a polluted space.

A water feature is a peaceful addition

Garden designers insist on bringing water features to create a calm and comforting space outdoors. With a little bit of planning, you can also build a small water feature indoors, such as a small pond with filtered water and even a handful of fish. The principles of the pond apply to both indoor and outdoor gardens! But more importantly, the water feature can serve as soothing energy in the room. Indeed, your plants are going through a lot of stress on a daily basis, from the proximity of synthetic material to noises and smoke. Water is known to promote recovery, both for the mind and the plants.

Hey Google, play some music

Did you know that your plants love to listen to music? Indeed, vibrations from sound waves can promote growth. However not all sounds have a positive influence, as plants can detect predators through vibrations too! Research shows that plants exposed to music and positive sounds grow more than those placed in a soundless environment. Perhaps it’s time to create a plant playlist on Spotify and play it to your favorite potted greens every day!

The Bottom Line: An Indoor Garden is So Worth the Effort!

If you love gardening and watching your greens grow, you may want to think of the best way of giving your home a plant-friendly makeover. From a clean air conditioning system to tasteful tunes, there’s a lot you can do with an indoor garden!

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