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Answering Your 6 Top Questions About Electric Bikes

You’re probably wondering if you should buy an electric bike.

They seem like a pretty good deal, but are they right for your lifestyle? What are the pros and cons of buying one? You might be asking yourself these questions – and we have answers!  So today, we will answer all your burning questions about how to decide if it’s time to buy an e-bike, what it’s like to ride one, and other little details that you might not have thought about yet.

What is an Electric Bike?

Let’s get started with the obvious question! What’s an e-bicycle?

electric bicycles
Commuter riding an electric bike.

An electric bicycle (also known as an e-bike) is a bike with a powerful but quiet motor.

You pedal the bike while at the same time, it helps you to make your ride easier and faster. These two sources of power give you a great workout and let you enjoy riding more than you did before.

A normal bicycle has a chain, but an electric bike has an integrated belt called the gearless hub motor that drives the rear wheel.

The battery pack is either in the front or center of your bike and provides you with power. You can choose your speed depending on how fast you pedal.

An electric bike will help you get where you want to go efficiently.

It is a great way for commuters who travel to get places and those who need an alternative form of transportation, such as the elderly, disabled, and even children.

Why Choose an E-bike over a Manual Model?

Manual bikes are fun to ride and can be very affordable. You simply put your energy into it and ride along, but they have some limitations.

Additionally, manual bicycles require a lot of strength on the motorist’s part, especially if going uphill or in adverse weather conditions such as when it is raining or high chance of snowing.

Since an e-bike requires very little work from the person riding it, you can save a lot of energy and enjoy your ride more.

An electric bike has multiple benefits, such as getting you to your destination faster, saving money in gas and maintenance costs, making your commute easier. Besides all that, it gives you a good workout.

When you choose an electric bicycle, you want to make sure that it is high quality with an emphasis on safety. You can buy a new e-bike for as low a moderate price, but you may find some really great ones at premium prices.

What Kind of Power Source Does an Electric Bicycle Require?

The battery is your main source of power, and it varies by the size of the bike.

The most popular batteries are Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH). The higher capacity batteries allow you to go faster for longer. Depending on how expensive the bike is, batteries are usually rated from 250-1000 watts, and some even go as high as 2000.

An e-bike can be charged at home with a regular wall plug, or you can simply carry the bike’s charger to a coffee shop or wherever you’ll be and charge it from there.

How Long Does an Electric Bike Charge Last? 

Depending on the size of your battery, a full charge might last anywhere from eighteen to forty miles. The majority of the batteries you will see have lithium-ion batteries, and they take about four hours to fully charge.

Depending on how powerful the battery is, it could be anywhere from twenty to fifty miles. An e-bike with a smaller battery will probably only have a range of thirty miles, but the most upgraded ones with the bigger batteries can go up to seventy miles depending on how fast you are riding and what terrain you are biking on.

How Do You Ride an Electric Bicycle?

An e-bike works like a normal bicycle but with a slight change in the pedaling mechanism. The pedals have electronic sensors on them, and they allow you to pedal with a lot less effort, which allows you to go faster.

An electric bike’s main power is in the rear wheel so that once you get up to speed, your body only has to help take care of balancing it.

What are the Reasons People Invest in E-bikes?

People buy e-bikes for several reasons, from saving money on gas and maintenance to getting a good workout while commuting to work or school. So you should ask yourself what you want out of an e-bike and research what kind of batteries you will need to ride the bike how you want.

  • The e-bike is a great investment for anyone who values their time and money.
  • An electric bicycle can be used by everyone, from retired seniors, disabled people or athletes looking to get a vigorous workout in.
  • Whatever your reason is for investing in an e-bike, research will help you make a well-informed decision.
  • E-bikes are more efficient than pedals, they can go faster for longer, and the technology is constantly improving in this exciting industry.
  • That is why it’s important to do your research and make sure you get a good quality bike that will last you many years. 
  • Your local bike shop is a great place to start and if they don’t have the e-bike you are looking for, keep shopping around until you do.
  • Once you find what you are looking for, go online and check out reviews to get opinions from real users – this will help give your purchase more credibility. 
electric bicycle
A commuter charges an e-bike at an urban charging station.

The Bottom Line on Deciding to Invest in an Electric Bike

An electric bicycle might be an excellent option for you. Why. 

  • It’s a simple and fun way to get around.
  • The bikes use rechargeable batteries that allow you to travel longer distances without pedaling as hard or using gasoline.
  • Their convenience and cost-efficiency have seen them become more popular worldwide than ever before.

But if you consider getting an electric bicycle, you must know what to look for. So before investing in one, you want to look into a few things like the style and sizing.

Electric bikes come in different styles, including mountain biking style, road biking style, and even touring style—all of which have varying travel ranges.

Also, you want to consider your height and weight. These two measurements will help determine if you should get a small, medium or large frame depending on whether you ride mountain or road bikes. Most electric bikes can carry up to 300 pounds, but some can even carry more.

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