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5 Eco Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Putting love and care into our homes’ aesthetics helps us feel comfortable and at ease, whether chilling in the living room or relaxing in the tub. To reduce spending and practice an eco-friendly lifestyle, these five ideas will get you off to a good start.

5 Eco-friendly Ideas to inspire you

Try these easy tips to help reduce your waste and create a more sustainable living space.

1 – Upcycling projects

Upcycling refers to reusing old or discarded materials or objects to create a new item, often with an original purpose. For example, instead of throwing away your tin cans, why not decorate them using a piece of spare wallpaper, and use them as flowerpots? Another idea is keeping your old jars, painting them for decoration, and then using them as candle holders. There are plenty of fun upcycling projects that you can get stuck into using old items around the home. Next time you have a decluttering session, consider if any discarded objects could become your next upcycling project.

2 –  Eco-friendly paint job

A good paint job is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your home. Whether you’re refreshing your current colors or trying a new shade altogether, a fresh lick of paint leaves your home looking brand new. The problem is that conventional paints contain harmful VOC chemicals which pollute the air and are harmful when breathed in. Consider choosing an eco-paint instead; these are generally made from materials such as milk proteins or clay. Examples of some top eco-friendly paint brands include ‘The Real Milk Paint,’ and ‘Earth Pigments’.

3 – Plants as decorations

Plants are just about the most eco-friendly decoration you can get to decorate your home. There are many low maintenance houseplants out there, one of which is the Chinese Evergreen. These plants thrive best in indirect sunlight and should be placed in a warm spot. The Chinese Evergreen plant only requires moderate watering; overwatering can result in rotting roots. Another great low maintenance plant for the home is the Moth Orchid, known as ‘Phalaenopsis’. You can easily plant and grow these indoors. Then wait for the show–they will bloom for up to 6 months. These plants need consistent moisture and light, so they are best placed on a windowsill.

4 – Window tint 

Those looking to save money on their monthly energy bills should invest in window tinting films. These films allow the right amount of light to get through while enhancing your home’s comfort levels. Tinting films can help you to gain the ideal temperature for space, meaning no more too cold or too-hot anomalies. With home privacy window film, you’ll ensure that your home remains a private space plus you’ll improve security.

5 – Choose natural, eco-friendly media

When choosing materials for your home, from sofas to rugs or tables, be sure to prioritize natural materials. Look for materials that do not harm the earth during production. Ensure that you choose items that are easily recycled or biodegradable. Hemp is a top choice as a sustainable material, the plant uses only a small amount of water to grow and the plant can be harvested without the use of chemical-based pesticides.


Final Thoughts on Creating an Eco-Friendly Home

Using eco-friendly materials is one of the top interior design trends–and will remain in style for years to come. To get stylish and help the planet, be sure to jump on the bandwagon.

Shika N
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