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Why Should You Keep a Chicken Coop in Your Yard?

Chicken coops are so fun for the children. They get to learn how to take care of a living thing, and yet they don’t need to babysit it like they would a dog. A chicken just gets on with their normal life, they don’t need walks or supervision. They just wander around, eating, pecking, and socializing. It’s something that every house should have if there is room. It’s also a lot easier to maintain than you may think. All you need is a little knowledge and some motivation to keep at it.

Considerations for tending a backyard flock

It’s easy to maintain, great for the children to play with the chickens. Plus, it will introduce them to animal care at a young age. It is also a reason to go outside into the garden more often, which is going to be great for your morale and mental health. A chicken coop is also a great project which can last for years. You can improve it, make it more complex, add additional chambers, and decorate it however you want.

How much space will a chicken coop require?

It depends on how many chickens you have or want. The rule is to have 4 square feet per chicken, but that might be a little on the conservative side. You should aim for 5-6 feet per chicken, so when they are inside, they can move around a little. Also, you will need more room to fit your hands inside and clean it.

How to look after

The chickens don’t need a lot of maintaining, as they tend to take care of themselves. However, the most important thing is their feed. The type of deed you need is the type like Natura Feed Ingredients offers. It’s full of minerals and vitamins, just what a chicken needs to grow and be healthy enough to lay eggs. This type of feed has been proven to be great for chicken, geese, and all sorts of farm animals, which chickens are part of. 

Where to keep it

The next question is, where do you keep it? Preferably not where there is shade. You want to expose the coop to as much sunlight as you can. It’s good for the chickens and helps with the laying of eggs. It will also support their natural body clock, helping them to wake and fall asleep at the right times. Preferably you should have the coop away from drainage and gutters, so water is far from the chickens. 

Protecting your flock

Of course, dogs and cats will be a nuisance for any chicken coop. However, foxes are the number one predator you need to be wary of and protect your chickens from. Barbed wire around the perimeter is standard. However, you can also fit a locked door that cannot be opened without a key. This will prevent a fox from breaking in, even if he figures out how the lock mechanism on the door works.

The bottom line on having a backyard chicken coop

A chicken coop is brilliant for the children, gives the family a nice project to do together. And, it makes the garden a very nice place to be in. Will you build one for the children, or for enjoying your own eggs?

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