How to Dog Proof Your Garden

If you have recently added a dog to your family or you are thinking about doing so, you are going to need to make sure you make adjustments to your home and garden so that your dog is safe (and your belongings are too!). In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the different things you can do in order to successfully dog proof your garden.

How to Use White Vinegar to Make the Best & Cleanest Home

Need a cheap and effective cleaning solution? Simple suggestions on how to use white vinegar to make the best & cleanest home. White vinegar is cheap, readily available, and effective. It is a safer cleaning solution for pets and children as there are no chemicals or harsh detergents to cause them harm.

9 Stylish DIY Pet Beds for Your Dog or Cat

Purchasing comfy and elegant beds for your pets can be quite expensive, and totally not worth it if Mr. Fluffy decides he doesn't like it. Let's be honest, pets can be very picky and fussy. Instead of shelling out some major cash to keep Oscar in comfort, why don't you spend time this coming weekend … Continue reading 9 Stylish DIY Pet Beds for Your Dog or Cat

6 Ways to Upcycle an Old Chair

Continuing with our upcycling trend, we'd be looking at 6 ways to upcycle an old chair. For those of us who are still not sure of the difference between recycling and upcycling, we had a post solely focused on that last week. Do check it out. It's fun and educating! Upcycling simply means transforming or … Continue reading 6 Ways to Upcycle an Old Chair

5 Common Garden Plants That Are Poison to Your Pets

Do you love gardening? Do you have a fuzzy canine friend or a proud feline buddy? If both answers are yes, then this article is for you. Some pretty-looking flowers and plants in your garden can prove to be very dangerous to your pets when ingested. Here are 5 common garden plants that are deadly to your … Continue reading 5 Common Garden Plants That Are Poison to Your Pets