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Top Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is hugely exciting, and you probably can’t wait until your cute little dog is ready to be brought home. To make the whole process much less stressful for both your new addition to the family and yourself, you should puppy-proof your home.

In some ways preparing your home for a puppy is a little similar to preparing it for a toddler! After all, both are full of fun and curiosity! Take a look at these ideas which will help you to get your home pup-ready in anticipation for your new arrival.

Go Shopping for the New Puppy

To prepare for this addition to your household, you will need to purchase some essential items. It is worth researching the best dog food brands and checking what your puppy is currently eating. The puppy will need bowls to eat and drink from, styles that are designed not to tip over are always a great choice to prevent your puppy getting covered in food and water, along with your flooring. Don’t forget to purchase suitable chew toys, as well as puppy shampoo and a brush for keeping your dog groomed, along with a leash and collar in preparation for when they are ready to go outside for walks. If you want to protect your flooring from little accidents, you may wish to purchase some puppy pads.

If you are choosing to use a kennel or crate, you will need to choose one that’s not too big for your puppy, but also has enough room for them to move around in. This will help them to feel safe, but not trapped. Alternatively, you may choose to buy them a dog bed to sleep in instead. The person you get your puppy from may be able to provide you with a blanket that has previously belonged to the puppy’s mother to give extra reassurance to them.

new puppy
hello, new people!

Safety First

Preparing your home and garden is vital for keeping your little furry bundle of joy safe.

Carry out a safety check of your home, think about potential safety hazards that may injure your new puppy. Also, they may cause damage to your home. Things to look out for include the following hazards:

  • electrical wires, which could seriously harm your puppy if they chewed them
  • cleaning products stored within reach of your puppy
  • house plants which are poisonous to puppies, garden weed killer and chemicals, items which hang down such as low tree branches in the garden
  • indoor items such as blind cords.

If you have areas of your home that your pooch may be at risk of harm in or are simply off-limits to them, then spend the dollars on a childproof (or puppy-proof!) gate.

Always take extra care to keep your puppy safe if you have a home with a balcony, or if you have a garden pond.

Don’t forget that if you have kids, their toys should be kept well out of the way from your new puppy, both to stop the toys being chewed and also to keep your puppy safe from harming itself.

Editorial note: Before you bring home your new furry friend, please check out our list of common garden plants that are toxic to your pup.

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