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How to Increase Your Home Security After a Break-In

Having a home break-in can be an extremely unsettling time. For some victims, it may take a little while to feel comfortable again in your home. Help reassure yourself. And, ramp up your home security after security breach by installing some added security measures. These steps will help you feel safer and more secure.

There are a number of ways that you can introduce added security into your home, here are some of the options available:

4 Tips to Prevent a Break-In… or Secure Yourself After

1 – Rekeying

If you are concerned that someone may have access to the keys for your home and may try to enter it without your permission, you may decide to rekey your lock.

Rekeying your lock is the process which involves reconfiguring a lock so that it can be used with a different key, and ensures that the old key no longer fits the lock. Rekeying is a viable option for many types of locks, and it is even possible to rekey deadbolt locks too.

2 – CCTV

Installing CCTV at your property not only gives you added peace of mind. It also enables you to have visual evidence of any crime committed to your property within view of the CCTV camera.

CCTV is not only reassuring to have, but the sight of a CCTV camera is also likely to put off any would-be intruders as they are far more likely to get caught and identified.

Although it can be an extremely useful tool for protecting your property, CCTV can have its downsides too. The disadvantages of having CCTV fitted in your home include the fact that it can be expensive and disruptive to install, and you may find yourself restricted on the areas that you can have the CCTV providing surveillance for, sometimes restrictions apply to protect people privacy, ie if the CCTV was to overlook another property.

3 – Security Lighting

Security lighting is a simple but effective way of protecting your property. Installing a security light that has a sensor means that it will come on as soon as movement is detected within its range.

This sudden, unexpected illumination makes it a big deterrent for anyone on your property that should not be there. It’s also a reassuring way for you to clearly see what is happening outside of your home.

4 – Smart Security to Prevent a Break In

In recent years the way that you can secure your home has advanced further. The latest technological innovations mean that you can get the peace of mind provided by added security. Indeed, you don’t even need to leave your home. Increasingly people are opting to make their houses smart homes. So by introducing systems that allow them to control their homes via an app so that they are still in control of their home even when they are not in.

Some smart home systems allow you to switch your lights on and off remotely to make it look like you are in even when you aren’t. Another smart home feature detects motion. And it sends you notifications of unexpected movements at your house when you are not there.

Take back control of your own home security after a break-in event. You’ll reduce the anxiety you feel about being in your own home.


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