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A Basic Movers Guide That Works Every Time

Are you searching online for a movers guide? You are not alone.

No one knows how many times we’re going to move in our lifetime. Chances are that you’ll be moving homes once every decade which doesn’t seem like a lot. But eventually, that will equate to moving 4 to 5 times throughout your adult life, if not more. Each time you move house, the same challenges crop up. There’s always a frantic rush in the house.

You’re trying to get everything packed up neatly and carefully, but as time ticks on, you start to become desperate. You’re racing against the clock, the new owners will be arriving in a couple of days and as per the contract you need to be out by a certain date. If only you could fall back on a guide and make the move quick and painless. Oh wait, there is.


Basic Movers Guide

Using an island

You shouldn’t ever rush the process of moving house. Taking your time will prevent silly little mistakes from happening. You don’t ever want to be in a situation whereby you’re unpacking at your new house and you cannot find something of great value because you left it behind. One way to avoid the rush is to utilize an ‘island’. This comes in the form of a storage unit that you can use to store many items and pick them up when you’re good and ready. Using these types of Movers, all your things can be loaded up and neatly placed into your chosen storage unit. The workers that arrive to help you are trained and certified, so they know how to handle fragile items and also, make the most out of the room you have in your storage unit. 


Type by type boxes

Rather than make things complicated, just keep all your things in type boxes. All your technology should be put into one type of box, marked ‘electronics’. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a laptop, tablet, smartphone or television, everything goes into one type of box. All your clothing goes in a separate type of box too, marked ‘clothing’. It doesn’t matter if it’s a suit, sandals, sunglasses or underwear, everything goes in its own box according to the type of item it is.  

Start to fill it

It’s a good idea to pack up all of your things into boxes and keep them in your garage. Don’t keep your boxes in the rooms they were packed in, which is what many people do. Since your garage will be filled with all your boxes, the moving truck can be loaded incredibly quickly. Instead of your household going up and down your stairs, running through rooms, you’re already on the driveway waiting to show the loading crew where everything is. You also have more room to move around in your home so you can see if you’ve left anything behind.

This simple movers guide takes care of the largest items first. Stick with bubble wrap and industrial tarping, instead of fancy foam pads and filling to pack things up. You should also start putting all your boxes in the garage so everything can be loaded within half an hour. 


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