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4 Ways to Make Your Sofa More Comfortable

The sofa. It’s the king of your living room. The big kahuna. The stately lion in the domestic jungle that is your living room and the master of all it surveys. It sits in pride of place in your living room, resting smugly in the knowledge that you have planned the entire topography of your room around it. It is equal parts item of furniture and work of art. You spent a long time researching it, comparing swatches, and assailing the clerk at the furniture store with a barrage of questions about it. For many years your sofa has reigned supreme…

But recently you’ve started to fall out of love with it.

It just isn’t the item of furniture that you fell in love with anymore. It’s still as beautiful and charming as it was the day you met but… It just doesn’t feel the same. It’s not as comfortable as it once was. It doesn’t support you like it used to. do. And if you’re honest with yourself, it’s caused you nothing but pain lately.

But fear not! You can still rekindle your love of your sofa. Here are some ways to help make it more comfortable…

Use it less

If your sofa never goes more than a few hours without becoming reacquainted with your posterior, all that wear can shorten its lifespan. Fill your living space with more comfortable alternatives like giant-sized bean bags and a range of soft bean bag covers. When you return to your sofa, you may just find that those flattened cushions have returned to their former bounciness. Or if it doesn’t… Replace it with your bean bags. It’ll certainly make moving house much easier in the future.

Give it the plank treatment

Do you feel like you sink deeper and deeper into your sofa every time you sit in it? Do you pine for the firmness and support that it once gave you? It may be that the springs beneath your sofa cushions have deteriorated. Some who experience this but can’t bring themselves to throw their sofas out place a wooden plank that’s cut to measure beneath the sofa cushions. When you replace them you will have a sofa that is comfortable yet firm.

Re-stuff your cushions

Have your cushions lost their former bouncy glory and become flat and uncomfortable pancakes? Have they failed to return to their former shape even after a few days of sofa-abstinence? Perhaps re-stuffing them is the answer! It’s way cheaper than reupholstering your entire sofa and will give you the extra comfort and support where you need it most.

Re-think your space to pillow ratio

Throw pillows are a great way to add both comfort and color to your boring old sofa. But if every day involves a battle with them for space, you may want to rethink your ratios. Too few pillows and you might miss the “snuggle” factor, but too many and you’ll always have something digging into somewhere no matter how you position yourself. Experiment with ratios and different kinds of throw pillows until you’ve got it just right.

There’s no need to say goodbye to your sofa. Not when there are so many easy ways to make it more comfortable!

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