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5 Watering Tips All Gardeners Must Know

Today we’re sharing some watering tips for gardeners. Watering a garden sounds like a simple task, right? You just need to head outside and fill up your watering can help your plants and flowers when they look a bit dry. That’s it, right? Well, unfortunately, watering your garden actually isn’t that simple. If you go about watering wrong, you could end up overwatering and killing some of the plants.

If you are worried about how you are currently watering your garden, please read on. Here are some great watering tips that can help you get your garden just right.


Only Water When Needed

First of all, it’s critical that you are only watering your garden when it is absolutely necessary. To figure out when you do need to water, it’s worth researching the types of plants and flowers that are in your garden. Some of them might be able to rely on very little water. Once you know which ones these are, you will then know to only water them every few days. It’s also necessary to alter your watering frequency during periods of excessive rainfall.

water your plants
Check the moisture in your soil before you water your plants.

Aim For The Roots

When you do water your plants, it’s best to focus mainly on the roots. Don’t try to get any water on the leaves as this could actually damage the plants. Moist leaves and foliage will encourage the spread of disease through your plants. Not only that, though, but on hot days it can cause the leaves to shrivel up when it evaporates quickly.

Add Some Sprinklers

If you are regularly away for a few days at a time, it’s worth installing some sprinklers into your garden. You can hook these up to your home’s plumbing system with some pipe fittings and then set their timer. They will then turn on and water your plants even when you aren’t home. And that means that you won’t have to worry about your plants dehydrating while you are away.
When you use sprinklers regularly, they give a long soak much like a nice gentle rainstorm.

watering tips
One of our watering tips? Run a sprinkler for long and steady soaking.

Water In The Mornings

If you only have time to water your garden once a day, make sure it is first thing in the morning. That way, any moisture that does accidentally get on the leaves will have time to dry out before the day’s temperatures climb up to their highest. In the summer, it’s worth watering them once in the evening as well. Similarly, any moisture that gets on the leaves they won’t evaporate straight away and, because of that, the leaves will be protected.

watering tips
Harness the power of the sun. Water in the early morning.

Use Mulch On The Garden

If you don’t already spread mulch on the soil around all of your plants, it’s a good idea to start doing so now. Mulch is just like compost, but it also has the added benefit of trapping moisture into the soil. You’ll be able to make mulch yourself at home, much in the same way you would make compost. If that sounds a bit messy to you, you will also be able to buy it in your local garden store.
These watering tips will undoubtedly improve the water situation for your garden!

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