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Create A Bedroom For Your Teenager You’ll Both Love

Designing a new bedroom for a teenager can be quite tricky at times. You might want to keep the room quite sensible and ensure that it is practical enough for them to sleep and study in. They might have completely different ideas, though, and they might be going for style over substance. As a result, most parents often come to blows with their teenage child about what their new bedroom will be like.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to arguing with your teenage child over redesigning their new bedroom. I’m sure there are many design points that you will be able to agree on. Here are some great tips to follow to make sure that the new bedroom is one that you both love.

Ask Them What They Want

First of all, it is really important to ask your teenager what they want in their bedroom. After all, it is their own private space and they will certainly be spending a lot of time in the room! Even if you don’t agree with a few of the things they ask for, this at least gives you the chance to discuss the matter and for you to explain why you don’t think some design features are a good idea.

If you talk calmly with your child about this, then you should be able to bring them round to your way of seeing things. You never know, they might be able to explain why they want to use a certain color or feature in their new room so well that they manage to persuade you that it will be a good idea!

Keep It Bright

teenager room
Enhance the space with colorful light fixtures.

One of the main features that can be found in any child’s bedroom, whether they are a young toddler or a teenager, is that they are consistently bright. Lots of bright colors work really well in young people’s bedrooms, and these are often the colors that most teenagers want to use too. So, you shouldn’t have much bother trying to persuade your teenager to go for a nice, bright color palette.

Try not to paint all of the walls the same color, though, as this can look quite two-dimensional. If you paint one or two walls a lighter shade than the others, it could help make the room feel a lot bigger.

Make It Comfy

As most teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedroom, it will need to be as comfortable as possible. That means they need to have more than just a bed in there, or they may be inclined to spend most of their days in bed!

If you add this giant bean bag or a soft armchair, then your child will have somewhere other than their bed to chill out while they read a book or watch TV. There are other ways you can give the bedroom a comfortable ambiance as well. For instance, adding some soft rugs and throws will also make your teenager feel very at home in their new room. 

Create A Study Area

Give your teen the quiet place they need for schoolwork.

It’s crucial that you try to encourage your child to study as much as possible. They’ll then be a lot more likely to get the grades they need to go onto college and land their dream job. One way to help them study and do their homework is to create a practical study area in their bedroom.

At the very least, this area needs a desk and chair where they are able to work from. It’s also worth adding a bookcase and a filing cabinet so that they can keep on top of all the papers and documents that they get from their school. Why not add a wall planner to this area as well so that they can keep organized with all of their homework deadlines?

Give Them The Chance To Personalize It

Once you have created a comfortable and practical bedroom for your teenager, it is their chance to personalize the decor. This will help them feel very much at home in their new bedroom. They might want to put some posters of their favorite bands or movies on the walls, for instance. It’s also a good idea to give them the chance to add some photos to their room.

You could always hang some family photos or photos of their best friends up for them. The most important thing when it comes to personalizing a room, though, is that you ask your teenager what they want.

Add Lots Of Storage

Don’t forget to add plenty of storage to your child’s closet. Teenagers seem to be expert hoarders, and I’m sure that your teen will have a lot of things that they need to store in their room. Plenty of closet space will help them look after all their clothes, while cupboards and bookcases provide space for their other belongings. The more storage space you have, the less messy their room will be and you won’t have to nag them to tidy their bedroom quite so much!

Ensure The Room Is Multipurpose

The bedroom needs to be more than just a bedroom. In fact, you might have picked up on that from some of the points I have already made. For instance, there also needs to be a space to study, but I’m sure that your teenage child will also want to hang out in the bedroom as well. So, there needs to be space and features that will make your teenager want to take their friends to their room. Plenty of seating will certainly help this, and games and other ways to entertain their friends will also go down well.

comfortable bedMake Sure It’s Easy To Clean

Teenagers are notorious for being quite messy, so you need to ensure that the room is easy to clean. When adding new surfaces, try to find them made from materials that can be easily wiped clean. It’s also a good idea to swap carpeted floors for something harder as it won’t stain if your teenager spills anything.

Now it’s time to get to work on your teenager’s room!

Content last updated 07.09.2021

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