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3 Convincing Reasons to Install a Tiered Garden in Your Yard

Much like a wedding cake, your garden can come with different tiers. The idea of a tiered garden has gained attention lately, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Instead of having a garden on one flat level, you work on adding different levels or tiers to it.

This landscaping project has an immediate impact on how your outdoor space looks and feels, and there are many reasons to try this trend. 

Three Compelling Reasons to Try a Tiered Garden

If it’s an idea that interests you, here’s why you should give it a go:

1 – A tiered garden is perfect for smaller yards

If your garden is small, you probably think your design options are restricted. What can you possibly do with a small garden at your disposal? Well, the beauty of tiered gardens is that they’re perfect for smaller spaces. With this beautiful landscape design trend, you can take a small space and make it more interesting by building tiers. It’s a great way to get lots of things into a tiny garden without it feeling too cramped. You can make the space seem more extensive as well, but it’s just a fantastic alternative to letting your small garden sit there and do nothing. 

2 – More room for flowers and plants in a tiered garden

Do you want to make your garden as colorful as possible, filled with plants and flowers? Adding tiers to it gives you more room to plant these things. You can create terraces and other layers of flowerbeds that allow you to grow as many items as you like. Plus, because you can tier your garden into rows of steps, you’re able to really play around with the aesthetics. On one flower bed level, you can have pink flowers, the one above a different set of flowers, and so on. It really adds to the aesthetic and makes your garden smell amazing because of all the lovely flowers you can plant!

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3 – Your creativity lets you configure endless options

Finally, tiered gardens give you endless opportunities to do whatever you want with your outdoor space. Yes, you can plant many flowers, but a tiered garden also lets you create raised seating areas. You can have raised decking that gives you outdoor living space and provides more functionality to your garden. Additionally, a tiered garden makes it easier to plant on sloped land as you can section off parts of the slope to build tiers on. The possibilities are endless, and you can certainly do a lot more than you can with just flat gardening. 

All in all, this is a trend that you can get on board with. It presents some significant benefits, without any drawbacks at all. Okay, there’s one potential drawback; tiered gardens will take slightly longer to design than flat ones. However, the benefits clearly outweigh this! It’s the last point that really sells it; you genuinely have so many ideas and opportunities when you add levels to your garden. If you want to be simple, you can just have a raised seating area with steps leading down to a flatter green bit. Or, you can go very complex and have levels throughout the landscape, with rows of flowers around the border at different heights.

That’s the beauty of a tiered garden–the endless creative options. The choice is yours!

Shika N
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