Make Like an Onion and Layer Your Garden

If you’re a keen gardener, the chances are that you embrace garden design in the same way you do interior decor. Shaking things up on occasion is probably one of your favorite things to do. Nothing refreshes the look of that outside space, after all, like a brand new design. The best way to freshen … Continue reading Make Like an Onion and Layer Your Garden

Growing Pains: Facing The Challenges of Urban Gardening | Guest Post By: Bob Gorman

Growing numbers of people are becoming convinced of the importance of eating locally- grown food. Considering that most of the world's populations live in cities, it is no coincidence that interest in urban gardening is growing.

Vertical Gardening Idea – Grow Cucumbers Vertically On A Cucumber Cage

Grow cucumbers vertically on a cucumber cage to increase your cucumber production. It's easy to train them to grow up the cage, they look stunning, and you will get more cucumbers. I have tried different methods in years past to train my cucumbers to grow vertically, However, using a cucumber cage aka tomato cage is the simplest way that I have tried.