4 Home Maintenance Jobs You Should Never Ignore

Let's talk about four home maintenance jobs that should never be skipped. Everyone wants their home to look at its best, and many people spend lots of time and money perfecting their home’s interior. However, no matter how great your home looks, it could all be easily ruined if you don’t maintain your property correctly. … Continue reading 4 Home Maintenance Jobs You Should Never Ignore

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Coils 

Your air conditioner provides cool air by using a refrigerant that essentially absorbs heat from the air and then transports it to the airspace outside of your property. The refrigerant or coolant continually carries out this process of heat removal until the temperature indoors reaches the temperature you have selected on your thermostat.

How to Maintain Your HVAC System Pet Owners Edition

Join the bandwagon of "I have too much on my plate" because we all know that life is on the fast track when you're trying to get things done. Your home is definitely in the top tier of your priority list, and everything that comes after can wait. Maintaining your home is not just about … Continue reading How to Maintain Your HVAC System Pet Owners Edition

Take Care of Your AC Compressor While Tending Your Garden | Guest Post

Many people take pride in their yards, keeping it clean and tidy year-round. Others take a more laid-back approach, planting easy-to-maintain shrubs and plants that require minimum effort. Whatever your approach, when working in your yard, don’t forget the AC unit. To keep your AC in top condition, it needs plenty of clear space around it.