Deer Resistant Plants for Your Garden

Having a well-tended garden blooming with a profusion of colorful flowers, shrubs, and herbs is no mean feat. It involves hard work, due diligence, and serious commitment to regularly taking care of your plants. That's why it hurts so much to wake up one morning and discover a herd of hungry deer has had a veritable feast in your backyard garden, leaving bare stalks or roots in their wake.

7 Plants To Grow In A Greenhouse In Winter | Guest Post

If you’re a green-fingered garden lover, winter can be a hard time for you. But you don’t just have to gaze longingly at your seeds and pictures of blooming plants online. There are a few hardy fruits and vegetables that can be sown in greenhouses throughout the colder months. Growth can be slow for some, and others may be ready to harvest in spring, but these seven plants will keep you busy when there’s frost on the ground.

Quick And Easy Recipe: Spaetzle Made With Garden Fresh Herbs

As my garden progresses, I'm always trying to use up herbs; Spaetzle made with garden fresh herbs is a fantastic recipe. It's a quick, easy side dish that gives you home-cooked noodles in just minutes. Re-think's not just a heavy winter dish. The herbs give it a light, bright flavor.

Tired of Those Pesky Mosquitoes? Scare Them Away with These Tried-and-True Plants

There are some individuals who have this quite 'classical' view that those annoying creatures called mosquitoes are afraid of nothing and no-one. I used to belong to that group myself ever since I knew what that whining and buzzing sound in my ears meant. Then I went to live with my aunt. She was born a … Continue reading Tired of Those Pesky Mosquitoes? Scare Them Away with These Tried-and-True Plants

Venison In Savory Onion Gravy – Deer Meat From Pressure Cooker

Venison is rich and savory when you cook it in onion gravy; furthermore, deer meat melts in your mouth when you cook it in the pressure cooker. In addition, this goes from fridge to table in under an hour. It's a great meal for a busy night after work or a lazy Saturday when you … Continue reading Venison In Savory Onion Gravy – Deer Meat From Pressure Cooker

5 Plants You Need for a Butterfly Garden

In the world of gardening, butterflies are a revered lot. They are great pollinators and are quite beneficial to the ecosystem. However, I’m pretty confident I’m echoing the thoughts of a lot of people when I say the biggest benefit of the butterfly is its sheer visual beauty. So, if you want to be eco-friendly … Continue reading 5 Plants You Need for a Butterfly Garden

Terra Cotta Pot Makeover

Happy Spring Ya'll! After burrowing away for the winter, I've been busy. I've been getting ready for planting my garden, starting my seeds, planting my early-season lettuce, kale and spinach, and planting annuals around the whole yard.  My husband built me a fantastic outdoor potting bench with running water. This quickly transformed a lean-to into … Continue reading Terra Cotta Pot Makeover