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9 Ways to Spot Water Damage in Your House

Never ignore water damage when you detect it. Failure to spot water damage early and deal with it correctly can cause irreversible damage and cost you more money in the long haul.  

What is water damage?

Water damage, in simple terms, can be described as the damage and destruction caused by Water. Water damage is one of those issues that can lead to further damage and problems if not dealt with at the earliest. There are a lot of reasons for water damage to happen. Sometimes it’s because of any obstruction in the pipe system of sewage or toilets, sometimes because of leaking from the roof or sink, sometimes because of rainwater seepage, and several others. Natural calamities such as floods can also be the reason for water damage. You can take help water damage restoration services provider to fix the problem in your home. 

Problems due to water damage

  • Water damage is caused by damaged water, which means that the water is contaminated and full of toxicity and pollutants. They are, therefore, carriers of various water-borne and infectious diseases. 
  • Water damage can also be responsible for mold formation, which is a fungus. Mold formation can lead to problems such as bad smell, allergies, diseases, etc. 
  • These damages decay the furniture, walls, sheetrock, flooring, and other structures in your home.

Thus, you must spot water damage in your house as early as possible if you don’t want the problems to increase and end up costing you more cash to fix. Whenever you spot water damage at your home, call a certified and professional water restoration service that can reverse the damage effectively. 

Here are the nine key points to keep in mind to spot water damage

Never ignore these nine signs that something’s amiss.

mold growth1 – Watch out for the stains:

If you see any blotch or even small dots of stains on the walls, the reason behind it can be water leakage through roofs or walls. You should closely examine the ceilings or walls to check for the cause. 

2 – Increase in humidity:

Unnoticeable water accumulation at your home because of water leakage can be a reason for the rise in humidity at your home. 

3 – Mold growth:

If you notice mold growth at your home on the walls or wood, it is most likely due to water damage. Molds grow wherever they find oxygen and moisture. They will gradually multiply and can be very damaging over time. 

4 – Water dripping:

When the house is quiet at night, you might notice sounds of water dripping from taps, damaged pipes, or any other sources that you need to repair. Time is of the essence because the damage may not appear then, but they can develop cracks in the wall or the floor beneath over time.

5 – Paint damage:

If you see layers of your paint coming out, the probable reason can be water leakage in the walls. Check at the joints of walls and pillars to see any cracks. Proper inspection should be done. 

6 – Bad odor:

Bad odor can be a result of the influx of polluted water through ruptured or obstructed pipes. Mold growth can also be the reason behind it. Examine the areas near the sink, toilets, drainage system for any leakage. 

7 – Health problems:

Any allergies or skin reactions, problems in breathing can be because of mold growth which can be in areas hidden by furniture or behind your appliances. Move the furniture. Monitor the areas around your washing machines and fridge to check on the walls for mold growth. 

8 – Roof inspection:

Check on the roofs for any cracks or discoloration, which may be because of water leakage. The dampness of the roofs should also be checked. 

9 – Checking Windows and Doors:

Rainwater usually seeps through the windows. If the windows are made of wood, any rotting should be checked, and that part should be replaced. Similarly, the windows should be checked for any cracks or damage, which can be because of water seepage. 

The Takeaway: The sooner you spot water damage, the earlier you can repair things

Various water restoration services do the job of reversing the water damage effortless. If you observe any spot of water damage, make sure to contact a good water restoration service. These service professionals will perform a proper inspection of the whole house, spot water damage, and help you make a remediation plan.

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