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4 Surprising Reasons Why Your Neighbors Don’t Love Living By You

Do your neighbors seem to dislike living near you?

When we move into a new property, we all hope we’ll get along with our neighbors. After all, we have to live in pretty close proximity with them. Plus, there’s nothing worse than awkward doorstep meetings or outright neighborly arguments. 

In most cases, we consider neighbor relationships like these in terms of personality. We move in hoping that our neighbors are kind, patient, and friendly. Yet, when we look at the facts, neighborly disputes actually don’t often have much to do with personality at all. 

So Why Do Your Neighbors Seem to Dislike You?

The sad fact is that the nicest neighbor in the world can feel like a nightmare to live next to if their property is falling into disrepair. As such, no matter how much of an effort you make with the lady next door, she may still rue the day she moved in next to you if you don’t take the time to address these pressing household concerns.

1 – Your house lacks curb appeal

When guests come to visit, they don’t just see our properties. Instead, they look at the entire neighborhood. As such, regardless of how friendly you are, a failure to address curb appeal could see you tarnishing every house on your street. That’s definitely not good for your relationships, and it’s an issue you need to address fast if you want to stay on everyone’s good side. Windows and doors are probably your most pressing concern here, and painting or altogether replacing flaking/rotten window fittings with the help of a company like Renewal by Andersen, or even just getting new door frames, etc., is essential if you’re to even start getting things in order. Other areas worth your attention include your roof tiles and even the condition of your driveway. 

curb a2 – You have an overgrown yard and garden

External household appearances might impact the whole street, but you may assume that your garden is a private concern. Sure, your neighbors might be able to see it out of their windows, but what is it really any of their business if you let things get a little overgrown?

Unfortunately, your neighbors might not view things in the same way, considering that, far from just not looking great, a poorly kept garden with junk piles, weeds, and general overgrowth, can be a breeding ground for pests. Rats, in particular, are way more likely to hit if there are plenty of hidey holes. But mice and raccoons could soon make an appearance, too. And, if your garden does become an unwitting host for rodents that make their way next door, a neighbor war is inevitable.

3 – You’re providing inefficient guttering

If you live in a detached property, leaks and other such issues with your guttering are unlikely to impact anyone but you. That said, if you live in a townhome or condo, then poor guttering could soon become a neighborly concern. This is especially the case if you’re in the middle of a row that shares a downpipe. In this instance, leaks, blockages, and more can cause significant setbacks and build-ups for everyone else. And that’s definitely not going to go down well!

4 – Your doors display lackluster locks

Whether on your garage, shed, windows, or wherever, your locks could also create some neighborly concern. Admittedly, this is less of a pressing and noticeable issue than the others we’ve mentioned. But if your garage door is often open or your windows don’t close properly, your neighbors could still feel uncomfortable. This is because blatantly obvious security issues like these can make criminal activity more likely, be that opportune or planned.

And, if thieves are busy in your garage, they may well spot your neighbor’s garden furniture and decide that they like what they see. As such, instead of just leaving you at risk, a failure to get on top of home security could see you facilitating a spate of neighborhood crimes which, when push comes to shove, everyone will understand originated from you. 

home securityThe Takeaway: You Need to Win Your Neighbors Over and Live in Peace

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that neighborly relations come down to more than just the occasional coffee morning. In fact, keeping everyone onside and ensuring that you’re loved rather than loathed in your local community is all about keeping up household appearances by – 

  • Getting on top with gardening
  • Sprucing your exteriors
  • Making safety a priority
  • Going above and beyond to stay in keeping with the houses around you
  • And so on

Tackle these, and you’ll be able to shirk the accidental label of a nightmare neighbor. Instead, become a much-loved figure in the community at large.

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