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Moving to a Big City? Three Tips to Help You Adjust

Moving to a big city from a small-sized town can be a shock to the system. It takes time to adjust to the noise and faster pace of life in a busy urban center. No need to feel overwhelmed. These tips will help you get used to your new environment.

Pack Light

Nine times out of ten, when you leave behind a small town, moving to a big city involves downsizing your living space. (On the plus side, a less overwhelming home means less cleaning, right?) Managing the transition from a spacious home to a small apartment starts before you leave your old house. Before you start packing, it’s worth deciding which of your furniture and possessions are essential, and which are extra.

A sound system is designating boxes for ‘essential,’ ‘maybe?’ and ‘throw out/rehome.’ Be cut-throat about this, and you’ll thank yourself later. When you make your move, take only the essentials. If you’re not sure how to get your treasures from Point A to Point B safely, hire a company that offers packing services to guide you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t keep the rest of your stuff. Put your ‘maybe’ boxes in storage for a while or ask a friend to hold onto them for you. Once you’ve settled into your new smaller space, you’ll know which contents of the ‘maybe’ boxes you have space for. Then you can introduce only the things that will enhance your life, rather than filling your new space with unnecessary clutter.

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Make Friends With Noise

One of the most jarring features of inner-city life is the din of traffic and construction. This constant noise can take a lot of getting used to. After a while, you probably won’t notice the absurd volume of day-to-day life, like the roar of the train past your office or the howl of passing sirens. While you may stop hearing the noise during the day, nighttime is a different story.

Outside noise will negatively affect your sleep unless you take steps to block sound out of your room. If the general clamor starts wearing on your nerves in the first few weeks in your new home, remember that the noise of the city is a sign of the vibrant life and bustling activity that drew you here in the first place. Framing the sound in a positive light won’t turn the volume down, but it may help you feel better about the noise until you start to zone it out naturally. 

Dive Head First into Public Transport

If you had a car at home, getting used to public transport might be a big adjustment. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding taking the train or bus because you’re intimidated by the unreadable web of routes or the complicated ticketing system. Once you’ve hopped on and off a few times, you’ll probably find it’s not as complicated as you thought. You just need to get the hang of it. And bonus points if you get a little lost in the process—what better way to get to know your new area than finding your way back home?

Final Thoughts on Moving to a Big City

Whether you’re moving for a partner, your career, or just a little adventure, leaving a small town and heading for the big city comes with many challenges. These tips will help you get your head around the most significant adjustments you’ll have to make when you get there.


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