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Metal Roof: Is This Roofing Material the Best for Your Home?

Choosing a new roof for your newly constructed house or roof replacement can be challenging. There are many roofing materials in the market, each with various features, but the type and quality of roof you install can change your home’s look and performance. Among the many roof materials to choose from is metal roofs.

Manufacturers make metal roofs from various materials like steel, aluminum, or copper. To know whether metal roofs are suitable for you, you must consider the benefits and drawbacks.

Before exploring the advantages and drawbacks of a metal roof, let us know what it is first. Note that homeowners can choose from various styles and designs. Indeed, some manufacturers even mix different metals to make an alloy.

What Is A Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are becoming common thanks to their favorable characteristics. They are also available in different metal types, which have various features. The most common metal materials are zinc, tin, copper, and aluminum.

Metal roof manufacturers use hybrid metal mixtures with reflective surfaces to reduce the number of UV rays hitting the house and other coatings to prevent rusting and dust.

Metal roofs are suitable for commercial and residential homes. Besides, although some metal materials are expensive, the benefits are worth the upfront cost. Some advantages you get from quality metal roofs are low maintenance and longevity.

Six Reasons Why Homeowners Invest in a Metal Roof

While aesthetics and durability are the significant reasons homeowners choose metal roofs, there are other advantages. Some reasons metal roofs are becoming common are the following:

roof damage

1 – A Metal Roof Has a Long Life Span

You will not worry about a roof replacement anytime soon after Metal roof installation. The roofs last for about forty to fifty years, and they are resistant to water and other unfavorable climates like storms and snow.

However, longevity also depends on how well the homeowner cares for the roof, the climatic conditions, and the installation style. Poor roof installation leads to roof leaks which cause damage to the inner roofing material and the shingles.

2 – A Metal Roof Is Cost-Effective

Metal roofs are more costly than asphalt shingles, but you will get more benefits with the extra cost. You could pay about $120 to $900 per foot for an aluminum or copper roof, unlike the low $160 per foot for asphalt.

In exchange for the high cost, homeowners get a long-lasting and low-maintenance roof. You will pay less for asphalt shingles, but they have a high maintenance cost. Besides, the shorter longevity means that you will replace the roof sooner than with the metal shingles.

3 – Impact And Fire Resistance

Another reason for the longevity of metal shingles is their high impact resistance. For example, this roof can withstand hail and storms, and it also hardly dents when hit by big and heavy objects.

Besides, unlike the other roofing materials, metal shingles are fire-resistant. The structure is also resistant to mold and mildew, and you can get treated metal roofs to prevent moisture damage like rusting.

4 – Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners are after energy-efficient windows and doors to reduce the expenditure on energy. Surprisingly you can get the energy efficiency on metal roofs, with some roofs offering up to 40 percent energy cost reduction.

You can also buy metal sheets or shingles with a reflective surface to prevent direct UV rays from hitting the roof. Other features contributing to energy efficiency in metal roofs are light colors like white or light green. Having a reflective roof also increases longevity because there is more minor damage by sunlight.

5 – Fast And Easy Installation

First, metal roofs are lightweight, meaning you don’t require a lot of workmanship to install. Besides, the roof being light makes it easy to install. However, homeowners should always hire experienced roof installers to do a perfect job.

Wrong roof installation can lead to roof problems like leaks and lousy roofing systems. Search on the internet for an experienced and qualified roofer, or ask your friends to refer you to one.

6 – You Can Install The Metal Roof Over Other Shingles

A roofer can install the metal roofs over existing shingles. It reduces the amount of time for roof replacement and the cost of tearing down the old roof. However, homeowners should first check their area’s building codes before installing the metal roof.

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Disadvantages of Installing a Metal Roof

The advantages of metal roofs are exciting, but homeowners should also look at the disadvantages. It helps you decide whether you will buy the roof or not, depending on if you can live with the cons. Some of them are as follows:

1 – Noise

Metal roofs are noisy, especially when it is raining. Although you can install thick insulation under the shingles, the noise from rain droplets will still be loud. However, some people enjoy the sound of raindrops, so this is not a disadvantage to them.

2 – The Cost Factor of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs cost more to buy and install, and only a few homeowners can afford the high upfront fee. However, to be safer, do a cost-benefit analysis and see if these metal roofs are worth the cost.

You will enjoy durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance costs with this roof. Also, since the roofing material is long-lasting, you will not spend on a new roof soon.

3- A Metal Roof Can Dent

Although metal is a rigid material that makes durable and long-lasting roofs, they can still dent. Hits by hard materials like a golf ball leave dents. Therefore, if you live in an area that experiences heavy hails, a metal roof won’t be suitable.

Walking on the roof can also cause dents. However, this happens on soft metals like copper and aluminum. You can buy steel or zinc alloy metal roofs that are tougher and more resistant to dents. Also, avoid walking on the metal roof.

The Takeaway: A Metal Roof Is an Excellent Option for Many Homeowners

While it is hard to choose a roofing material, metal roofs have many favorable and beneficial features. Besides, there are various metal roofing materials, from aluminum to copper to tin. Its longevity and durability are why most homeowners buy these roofs. However, look at the downsides too and hire a qualified installer.

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