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Questions to Ask Before Your Home Makeover

So, you’re planning on treating yourself to a home makeover. And why not? With a few alterations or transformations here and there, you will give both your home and yourself a whole new lease of life. However, careful thought is needed. Before making any changes, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself first.

Home Makeover Questions to Help You Plan for Success

1 – How much can I afford to spend?

There are all kinds of costs to factor into the equation. Not only will you have the cost of materials, fixtures, and furniture to buy if you are making over your home yourself, but you will also have to factor in accommodation costs if you need to move out of your house during the project. You will also have to factor in the costs of any professionals you intend to hire to help you with your makeover, be that a building contractor, an architect, or a specialist in interior design. Before going ahead with your project then, research all of the expected costs ahead of you, and then take a look at your budget. If you have the funds available, then great. If not, then make an extra effort to save money and/or consider what you might do on a smaller budget. 

2 – What is my priority for this home makeover?

If you had all the money (and capacity for stress) in the world, you would be able to makeover your complete home if you wanted. However, if you are working to a budget, and you don’t want to spend the next twelve months of your life living on a building site, it’s important to assess where your priorities lie. Think about your most pressing needs, and consider the aspects of your home that cause you frustration. It might be that you need a bigger or more functional kitchen, for example, so you might be more inclined to focus on kitchen design as the first part of your makeover. Or if your living room is cramped and outdated, you might want to extend and/or transform this one area of your home. Think about it, and then plan accordingly.

3 – What is my design style?

You might want to replace the design of your home with something modern if your living space has become outdated. Alternatively, you might want something traditional if you want to go against the latest trends. What you do is up to you, your personal tastes, and your budget. So think carefully, browse interior design websites, and follow your best judgments.

However,  remember that if you make changes to one area, then you might have to make changes to other parts of your home, especially those that adjoin the rooms you are making over. You will have choices to make with regards to your flooring, wall colors, and fixtures, for example. So, be sure to think about this when you’re coming to the best decision for your home. 

The Takeaway: Plan Carefully Before You Start a Home Makeover DIY Project

If you are about to embark on a home makeover project, then we hope it’s a success. However, be sure to ask yourself the questions we have posed, as you will then have the capacity to make wise and sensible decisions.


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