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4 Reasons You Might Need to Replace Your Roof After Hailstorm Damage

There is no doubt that the roof is one of the essential parts of the house. It works as the prime savior against factors like rain, wind, dust, etc. That’s why maintaining your roof in the best possible condition is vital, as it will help keep your home and family safe. However, weather conditions like hail storms are among the most common reasons that cause severe damage to the roof. Hailstorm damage might cost your home in terms of structural integrity, so you must address it right away.

Many people have encountered hail, and they know that it can be really destructive for their homes. A severe hail storm can destroy shingles, skylights, vent hoods, gutters, and several other parts, and you might have to seek help. We interviewed the experts from Crown Roofing & Solar Company to sort out facts from fiction on this expense.

Do you wish to learn more about how a hail storm damages your roof and when or if you should repair it? Keep reading this article until the end. 

Four Reasons Why You Might Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof After A Hailstorm

Below are a few fundamental caution signs to watch out for following a hail storm to get a clearer idea of why you need to go for roof hail damage repair services. Also, it is crucial to understand that damage varies from roof to roof, and accordingly, you have to opt for the change.

1 – The storm can damage asphalt shingles

There might be many cracks on the shingles, especially in the nooks and sides of the roof and peak line. With time, there are chances of these shingles getting bent and scraped. This will shake the overall integrity of the shingle and make it weaker than before. The hail storm also tears the granular coating on the shingles, which ultimately makes the shingles’ life shorter.

2 – Hailstorm damage of wood shingles

The wood shingles are said to be way more durable and sturdy than any other shingles. They have the capacity to withstand hail and other storms to a great extent. However, there can still be damages on the shingles in case of larger hailstones. They will hit the shingles hard, making them loose and letting water flow quickly inside during any storms in the future.

3 – Damage of tile shingles

Tile roofs are not very strong and powerful like other shingles. Hence, they have a higher probability of breaking down by medium to large hailstones than other shingles. 

4 – Hail damage of slate roofs

The consequences of hail can be extreme, and it can create many cracks on the slates. However, these cracks are slightly different as compared to the ones in wood shingles. They are in random shapes and not in straight lines. 

How Can a Hailstorm Damage the Roof?

After you face a severe hail storm, the first thing you need to do is check whether the storm has caused any loss that might lead to any leakage or destruction inside the house. Once you make sure that the interior of your home is fine, move to the exterior, which also includes proper checking of the roof

Keep in mind that even if there is no hint of damage inside the house, that doesn’t ensure there is no damage outside. 

Broken shingles can give rise to leakages in the future, which can become a significant concern. Since the maximum number of houses with residential roofs is made of shingles, a common problem occurs after a severe hail storm. 

When hailstones come and hit the shingles, the impact can be very high. They loosen up the granules that are actually present to protect the shingles. A few houses have metal roofs that can become dented. 

There are snow dams where the weight of the snow makes the roof heavy, and it eventually falls down. In the case of hail storms, as time passes by, it can easily transform into a large chunk of ice and make the roof fall.

You can also approach a proficient roofing contractor who has the expertise in solving roof hail damage issues. They will examine your roof for any signs of damage and take necessary action if needed. They can even suggest repairs or replacement alternatives according to your needs. 

roofThe Bottom Line: Hire an Expert If Your Roof Receives Hailstorm Damage

We hope that this article has helped you understand the need to look out for roof damage once a hail storm hits your house and repair it as soon as possible. If you have any related queries, leave a comment below. Also, reach out to your insurance agent or a roofing pro in case of any doubt. 

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