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Beat Bugs in Your Home This Summer

When summer begins, bugs can become a lot harder to deal with compared to the rest of the year. They start trying to get into your home and plague you when you go outside.

You can’t do a lot to control them outdoors, especially when you’re out and about, although you can wear long sleeves and pants to avoid the bites.

But at home, you can have a bit more control over whether insects get to bother you. With a bit of thought, you can avoid bugs coming into your home as much as possible. Take a look at some ideas for how to prevent those pests from taking over.

Ensure your window screens are maintained. Most insect species need only a tiny hole to invade our house.

Fix Your Screens

Window and door screens are one of the best options that you have to control the little buggers in the summer. They allow you to leave your doors and windows open and get some fresh air, but without letting in flying insects.

Before it gets too warm, take care of any window screen repair that you might need so that your screens are in good condition for the season. As well as ensuring you have screens in place, consider sealing up any other areas where bugs might get in.

This includes running a small bead of caulking around small cracks and holes around doors and windows.

Maintain Your Yard

Controlling bugs outdoors can be difficult, but you can try to prevent them in some ways. A well-maintained yard can help to discourage some bugs so that you won’t see so many.

For example, standing water can attract bugs. Getting rid of still water features or rainwater collectors can be a smart idea.

A tidy backyard can help to keep away infestations by providing fewer places for them to hide and fewer things that attract them. It’s best to do a little gardening and tidying up before it gets too hot.

Use Repellants

As well as reducing the number of bugs by avoiding things that will attract them, you can also have things that drive them away. If you don’t want to use too many strong chemical products, you could try some natural bug repellents, which you can place around your home.

Mint and rosemary are two species that many people plant to keep bugs away. Citronella is also popular, and a good choice for keeping bugs away both inside and outside. Another thing that will keep bugs away is their natural predators, so encouraging birds, bats, and spiders can also help.

Catch or Kill Any Bugs That Get In

If bugs do get into your home, you don’t want to spend your time chasing them around. Having something to either catch or kill them will help you to make sure they aren’t annoying you in your home.

You can choose from a variety of products, from simple sticky tape to traps and bug zappers that will kill anything that flies into them. You might not be able to stop all insects from getting into your home, but you can control them.

The Bottom Line

Make your summer one that isn’t plagued by bugs so that you can enjoy it more than ever.

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