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Fixing Up a Home That’s Gotten Out of Hand in 4 Steps

If you look around your home and feel like it’s gotten out of hand, rather than like a place you can kick off your shoes and relax, then you have a little work to do. Every home is different and you may need to address a few things that aren’t listed here. However, this step by step guide will give you a good idea of where you should start fixing up things. 

Four Steps to Fixing Up a Home That’s Out of Control

1 – Start By Thoroughly Decluttering 

Don’t start by spending any money or doing any serious decorating, start your mission by thoroughly decluttering your space. Start with one room and then move on to other rooms in the house. You should aim to declutter every room, even if it’s only a little as certain rooms may not be as cluttered. Whether they are overrun with clutter or not, there are probably things you no longer really need or use and can get rid of. It might inspire you to watch something like ‘Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She says that decluttering and getting rid of the things that don’t ‘bring you joy’ will make you much happier. You might learn an interesting thing or two! 

2 – Figure Out How Your Home Ended Up In This Condition 

A key way to fix your home and stop it from getting in this condition again is to understand how it got that way in the first place. It isn’t always just as clear cut as saying you’ve been busy or lazy lately. For example, many people end up using their surfaces as dumping grounds purely because certain things, like coats and bags, don’t have a proper home. Making sure everything has a home is key, as well as giving yourself an incentive to not clutter up surfaces by making them look beautiful with flowers. Maybe you need to incorporate more storage into your home overall. Whatever it is, figure out how you can make your home more functional and what your worst habits are so you can avoid them later on. 

3 – Fix Up Small Repairs and Damages

Now your home is thoroughly decluttered and staying that way. Next, it’s time to fix up any small repairs and damages that you may have. The longer you leave these things unseen to, the more likely they are to turn into something more serious and far more expensive. You can watch YouTube tutorials to fix these things yourself. However, hiring a pro if you’re unsure is a must, as you may end up doing more harm than good. Put these things to the top of your priority list! 

4 – Come Up With Your Ideal New Look

Knowing what you want to go for in your newly clean and tidy house will help to move things along. So make mood boards on sites like Pinterest. You can also get the ball rolling by hiring a decorator and painting contractor and discussing your needs with them. Once you have a vision for your newly decorated home, you’ll be more likely to keep it in good condition, too. Don’t forget to make sure your whole family is on the same page!

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