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Can You Cover These Dog Basics 101?

We all know that having a pet dog in your life can be extremely rewarding. They can give you the company you never thought you needed, they can be a comfort when things are tough, and they literally become part of your family unit. However, once you have had your dog for a while, often the dog basics of taking care of them can be forgotten or you can slack on your responsibilities.

It happens to the best of us when life takes over. So this is a gentle reminder of some of the dog basics when it comes to owning a pooch. It may even encourage you to change a few things in your home.

dog basics
A dog left alone too long grows bored easily. This triggers destructive behavior in some canines.

Are they on their own too much?

When you first get your pup you may have the very best intentions. You may try and ensure they are not left on their own for too long during the day, and that you do what you can to make them comfortable in your home. However, life can take over.

Jobs can get in the way, perhaps a promotion at work has forced you to spend more time in the office and less time in your home. We often don’t see the change, so it is always good to be reminded of these questions. How often and for how long is your dog left alone?

If you think that it has gotten a little too long, or it is too often, then you may want to try and change your routine, have people over to help you out by checking on the dog or even look into things such as doggie daycare. These dog basics can be extremely helpful and worth the investment.

Did you really take the time to train your dog?

Getting a dog is very exciting, especially if you get a puppy where you know that you may need to do some extensive training on being in the house as well as obedience and behavior.
However, have you kept it up? Have standards slipped? Is your dog becoming a little unruly?

It may be time to rethink the obedience dog training. It could be a great thing that you do with your pet, and also give you the chance to bring some order back into your home. You and your dog will appreciate the effort being made.  

dog basics
Leash training and daily exercise are dog basics that cannot be left undone.

Are they active enough?

Remember promising that you would walk the dog every day? Remember thinking that it would just become part of your routine?

Think to today and ask yourself whether or not your dog is active enough. Do you walk your dog each day? Do they get to be outside often? It may be time to start becoming more active once more.

Sometimes just a change in your routine and making the commitment to be more active yourself can make a big difference.

dog basics
Reward good behavior with treats–it’s a supply to have on hand always.

Do they have everything they need?

Finally, the last dog basics question to ask yourself is whether or not your dog has everything they need? At the beginning of your journey as a dog owner, you may have bought anything possible, but now as time has moved on have you kept up with things such as worming, vet visits, and vaccinations? Do they have a bed that is comfortable? Decent food to eat? Reminding yourself of what your pet dog needs can help you stay on track.

Let’s hope these tips help you remember the dog basics.

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