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How to Cope with a Cluttered Home

Our society has a problem right now, and it is one that can really impact on the quality of our lives. This issue is consumerism. The idea that if we buy the next big thing, we will be happier and more valid and have a better life. Of course, what this means is that we all often buy way more than we need. And the by-product of this is overrunning our homes with our stuff! Happily, there are some tactics you can use to free yourself from the prison of a cluttered home.

4 Ways to Overcome Your Cluttered Home

Read on to find out four ways to cope with an overly cluttered home. 

1- Move to a new house. 

Yep, that is right. One of the leading reasons cited for the need to move home is that the residents do not have enough space for their stuff anymore. Of course, this can be one of the more expensive options as moving home, especially to a larger property, is not cheap. 

Additionally, it doesn’t really encourage a change in mindset. In fact, it may even cause an upsurge in consumerism because there is more space to fill. Something that doesn’t make this the ideal long-term option when stuff is taking over your home. 

2 – Invest in and addition to create more space to properly store things in a cluttered home. 

Another possibility is to add more space to your current property, by remodeling or renovating. In fact, you don’t even actually have to add your home to do this. The reason being that you can place an outside building in your yard for storage instead. 

Alternatively, you may wish to consider renting a space in a self-storage facility. Then you can store items that are of value that you don’t want to get rid of yet still create a much more spacious and open feel in your home. Something that can help improve your life, without having to foot the cost of a remodel. 

3 – Change your purchase mindset to minimalism. 

Minimalism is way more than just a design trend. In fact, it is a whole way of life that suggests we should buy things dependent on our genuine need for them. Rather than just our desire, something that is often created by the companies trying to sell their products. 

In fact, by choosing a more minimalist approach, you will decrease the volume of stuff coming into the home over time. Something that can prevent your living space becoming overrun with stuff, and actually improve your quality of life. 

4 – Try one of the decluttering trends. 

Finally, even if you don’t want to embrace minimalism fully, you can do a lot of good by having a decluttering session. Fortunately, there are plenty of trends in this area to help you out. One is Konmari, which suggests things that do not spark joy can be thanked and then disposed of. 

Additionally, there is a slightly scarily named Swedish death cleaning or dö städning. This concept focuses around the idea of slimming down your material possessions so loved ones do not have a whole heap of clutter to deal with once you have passed. 

Of course, the great thing about dö städning is that it can be done at any time, and can really help us focus better on what is important in our lives. Something that allows us to let go of everything else and so reduce a significant amount of stuff! And, if you make long-term changes, they will help you stop repeating the same result of a re cluttered home.

Embrace these techniques. So you can bust the clutter but keep your home.

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