Create an Outdoor Mudroom if You Don’t Have Room for One Inside

I've been increasingly frustrated by the dirt and grass tracked into my house all day long. No sooner than I clean the kitchen floor, it's messy again! I live in a fairly small home and there's no foyer or mudroom. You enter directly into the living room or the kitchen. Period. I needed to create a mudroom without having room for one.

Scandinavian Decor: Secrets to Keeping Cosy

Have you ever braved your local Ikea store on a Saturday? It's packed! Shoppers elbow each other to marvel at the "why didn't I think of that?" furniture and storage solutions. We've long-admired the Scandinavian look. It's simple, clean, functional, and eye-appealing. Yet, Scandinavian decorators add certain cozy elements to the look with fabulous textural elements in the textiles and rustic wood furniture. It's a visually appealing pairing. 

Top 6 Tips for Sparkling Clean Windows

This summer gives you the perfect opportunity to open up the curtains, fold back the drapes, and enjoy the warm sunshine shining in from sparkling clean windows. Clean windows? Wait! This isn't going to be about window washing, is it? I'm sorry, but yes, today, we're considering the dreadfully tedious and boring task of window washing. … Continue reading Top 6 Tips for Sparkling Clean Windows

Your New Home: 5 Moving Day Essentials

Moving to a new house – especially if it’s your first one – is a big deal. Not only are you breaking out of the parent’s home, you’re finally finding your feet with your independence. It also means that you get to go shopping! The excitement of making your new house into a home can often overtake the need to unpack all the boxes and get things set up properly.

Must Have Home Decor Trends: Get the “Wow” Now

Today's infographic shares the top must-have home decor trends that will help you get the "wow" factor right now. These are all current trends in home decor that can boost up the appeal of your space and add functionality at the same time.