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5 DIY Tricks for Cleaning Your House In Less Time

Ever wished you could wave a magic wand for cleaning your house in less time? 

Not every homeowner likes the idea of cleaning their properties. Aside from being a tedious and time-consuming chore, thoroughly cleaning the house will require a lot of effort. This is especially true if you own a spacious house that is made with delicate materials such as glass.

But regardless if you are living in the same home for years or recently move into one with the help of movers or a moving company, you will always have to clean your house. This chore is essential because the cleanliness of your home can affect the longevity of your appliances and furniture. Cleanliness can also affect the health and safety of your entire family.

If you’re looking for techniques to effectively clean your house without wasting a lot of time, consider the tips below:

Easy Tips for Cleaning Your House

Follow these five easy tips to ease of cleaning your house.

1 – Clean The Entire House, Not Just One Room At A Time

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when cleaning their homes is focusing on one room at a time. They will clean the master’s bedroom today and the guests’ room tomorrow. This isn’t the best way to clean your house, as this will take more time and more adjustment from your schedule.

Cleaning one room every single day, for example, will mean that your entire schedule for the week will be affected. This technique will also make you feel as if you’re going through an unending cycle of cleaning.

A better solution is to spend an entire day cleaning your house. Since most homeowners have a full-time job, you can thoroughly clean your house during the weekends or when the family is available. The latter will make your cleaning faster as you can ask for help from other members of the family.

 2 – Use A Caddy To Keep All Of Your Cleaning Tools

Different areas of the house will require different cleaning materials. Cleaning the stainless steel surfaces of the kitchen will require different cleaning tools when you’re cleaning the furniture in your living area.

To save time from running around in circles just to get cleaning tools, invest in a high-quality caddy, and place all of your cleaning tools inside.

Since everything you need in cleaning your home is in one container, you’ll save a lot of time as you can focus on cleaning alone, not pause every now and then just to get your cleaning tools from the supply room.

 3 – Clear The Clutter

Cleaning your home will be more challenging if clutter is all over the place. If you have kids leaving with you, vacuuming the living room doesn’t warrant cleanliness if their toys are all over the place. The same is also true when soiled clothes are in the bedroom, or if damaged furniture is placed in the dining area.

Before you start cleaning your house, take the time to clear out the clutter. You should go through all the areas of your home and check for any broken or unused items. Generally, any appliances, furniture, or clothes that were unused for one year should be disposed of.

Depending on the condition of these items you can throw them away or consider selling them through a garage sale.

For items that are still usable, make sure to place them in their proper storage before you start cleaning. This trick can help minimize your chores in cleaning and ensure that you’re not throwing any valuable or usable items.

 4 – Don’t Use A Feather Duster

A feather duster is one of the most common cleaning tools in every household. Because of its affordability and versatility, every homeowner can own a feather duster. However, just because this cleaning tool is cheap and easy to buy doesn’t mean you should rely on it when cleaning your home.

Feather dusters will only transfer dirt from one area to another, and won’t permanently get rid of the dirt. For example, if you use a feather duster in cleaning your window frames inside your home, the dust collected will only transfer to nearby appliances and furniture, or directly fall to the floor.

As much as possible, avoid using a feather duster and invest in several microfiber cloths instead. The latter is also cheap and is very easy to clean. But unlike feather dusters, microfiber cloths can effectively remove dirt from a specific area of your house.

5 – Allocate Different Cleaning Materials For Different Areas

Each area of your home will acquire different types of germs or dirt over time. Depending on the frequency of use, some areas of your home might be dirtier than others.

For you to effectively clean your house and prevent the spread of germs, make sure that you allocate different cleaning materials for different areas of your home. Doing this might entail costs, but your one-time purchase of these cleaning materials will surely go a long way towards the sanitation of your entire home.

Regardless of how tempting it can be, you should never use the same microfiber cloth in cleaning your kitchen surfaces and living areas. If you use the microfiber cloth in your living area first, germs and dirt can build up in this material and will immediately transfer to the next surface you come in contact with when cleaning.  

If you use the same microfiber cloth from your living area in cleaning your kitchen countertops, the meals you’ll prepare might already contain germs from other areas of your home. Over time, this routine can become the reason why the entire household will get sick and suffer from severe health conditions.

Cleaning Your Home: Your Effort Counts

Now that you know how to better clean your house in lesser time, make adjustments with your schedule so you can clean your property regularly. Changing your routines just to clean your house might be taxing at the start, but once you’re able to enjoy a spotless house, all of your efforts will be worth it in the end.

Plus, your efforts can also maintain the value and appearance of your home, allowing you to make the most out of your investment.

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