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Weedkillers: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Ways to Kill Weeds

Herbicide, or more commonly called weedkillers, are chemicals that gardeners use to kill weeds and control unwanted plants. You will typically find two kinds of products available:

  • Selective herbicides are those weedkillers that act upon specific weeds. 
  • Non-selective herbicides can clear waste grounds, industrial and construction sites, and railways and their peripheries. Different types of herbicides have different types of constitutions. 

Types of Weedkillers

As a result, their functions and ways of action are also different. Let us find out the working principles of the weedkillers according to their type.

Pre-emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicide is a selective herbicide. Corn Gluten is a pre-emergent herbicide. It has natural chemicals produced from corn to prevent other species from growing. Thus it eliminates the competition. 

With the help of the natural preventive, the herbicides terminate the weeds by providing a barrier on the ground that prevents further germination of seeds. It is effective on leafy dicots like oxalis and dandelion.

Post-emergent Herbicide

 A post-emergent herbicide is a non-selective herbicide that acts as an antibiotic. Glyphosate is a post-emergent herbicide. Antibiotics destroy the enzymes of bacteria and result in the death of the whole germ cell. 

Same way, this herbicide exterminates critical plant enzymes and ESP synthase. This results in the ceasing of enzyme production in plants, and finally, the death of plant cells occurs. This herbicide should be applied carefully because many flower plants are vulnerable to it.

Broadleaf Herbicide

 Broadleaf Herbicides are the selective herbicides that work in lawns by targeting dicots that are growing intensively. But they do not harm the monocots if applied in appropriate proportion. A commonly known strong weed killer of Broadleaf type is 2,4-D, also known as Trimec. 

This herbicide is an auxin hormone that helps a plant to grow. When it is given to a plant, the plant gets perplexed without knowing which way it shall prosper. Thus it grows in a deformed shape and dies.


Grass killer Herbicide

According to the name, it can be clearly understood what its function is. Grass killer is a selective Herbicide that kills excess grasses. Fluazifop is an active grass killer. Also, they work just opposite to the broadleaf weed killers by targeting the monocots. 

The grass killer herbicides kill grasses like Bermuda, Kikuyu, and many more in flower beds and ground covers. This herbicide is also used to maintain an appropriate amount of grass in a particular area.

Systemic weed killers

 Systemic weed killers are those herbicides that destroy weeds from their roots. The Herbicides, when applied to penetrate through the soil, hamper the underground system of the weed. 

However, it is a slow substance, and its effect and action are also slow. They kill the weed from the inside out. When given on the leaves, it may take some time to get absorbed and do its job, but it does its job efficiently.

Residual weedkiller

 Residual weedkiller acts as a barrier on the ground that stops weed reproduction. This herbicide, if applied, can stay on the ground for many months, thus controlling the weed growth for a long time. 

The death of the sprayed weeds can take place within 28 days. But you should never disturb or dig the soil area where you apply the herbicide. Otherwise, you may decrease the ability and durability of the herbicide.

dandelion silhouette

Importance of the Correct Application of Weedkiller

Weedkillers are a useful substance for excess vegetation control. The herbicides will not only kill weeds and unwanted plants, but they will also control weed growth. These weedkillers also maintain the beauty of a garden for the whole season.

Herbicides are produced after rigorous research and experiments. Experts have new kinds of herbicides that are harmless to humans but destroy weeds. So, the paramount importance of using weed killers is that it will make it easy for people to curtail excess greenery in their garden.

The Bottom Line: Weedkillers can be a saving grace for your garden

In conclusion, we can conclude those weedkillers or herbicides are an essential tool for maintaining exquisite lawns, gardens, and fields. 

You can purchase different types of weed killers to deal with different kinds of weeds. Uses of such herbicides are vital for gardeners.

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