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Time to Redecorate? Do These 3 Things First

redecorateIn this day and age, you have to be in very dire circumstances to want to remodel. Hiring professionals to tear chunks of your home down to then build it back up is somewhat of a drastic move if you’re just upset with the look. Redecorating has become the new norm because you have an endless line of options.

There are countless hardware brands and specialist companies that can give you all the equipment, materials and products you need to completely overhaul your house. From top to bottom, everything can be changed and your home is given a new lease of life. But, that comes at a couple of costs.

First, you must plan to roll up your sleeves and prepare to sweat a lot. Because you’ll find quickly that this is hard work. And, second, you’ll need to buy the things you use by yourself. So before you do redecorate, ask yourself if you have done these three things.



Wrapping things up


It’s difficult to move many things out of the home after you have moved them into place. Sofas and chairs might be easy to move with a couple of people. But to move wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, beds and washing machines is not that easy.

Instead, you may find it easier to buy wrapping plastic and covering all the things you can’t move with it. Tarps are popular too but they’re hard to fit around unique shapes as they’re more designed to just be laid over like a blanket.

Tarps are great for protecting your floor from paint, wood carvings, glue and other things you’ll most likely be using. Plastic wrap is easy to mold around and tightly hug your possessions but because the material is thin you’ll need a couple of layers.


Prepare your walls properly


Repainting is perhaps the main focus of your redecoration. The color of our walls plays a huge role in how our homes look. Before you get to work, make sure you are going to prepare surfaces for painting properly.

Look for damp spots that the previous coat of paint disguises or hides. Do a thorough check for cracks in the walls and ceiling. Don’t just use your eyes but feel with your hands and fingers. Remove dirt that is dry or hardened on the surface so you get an even layer of paint and it sticks properly.

Priming the wall will help the paint stick to the walls and it will also blend in dark patches as well. Once you have given the underlayer of your walls a good scrub and evening out, now you can begin to get your roller wet.



A free flow airflow

When you’re redecorating you’re going to be using all kinds of equipment. From steamers to get the wallpaper off, paint, paint removers, varnishes, metal cleaning chemicals and lots of different liquids to clean and prepare different surfaces and materials. To stop yourself from breathing in toxic fumes, make sure you have a free flow of air. Setting up electric fans around the house is also a good idea to keep the working environment safe.

Final Thoughts on Prepping for Redecorating

Redecorating is far more affordable than remodelling, but you do need to get your hands dirty. However, the time you spend will make your life easier when it’s time to move back into your space and enjoy all of your hard work.

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