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Must-Do Summer Home Maintenance Projects

During the summer months, we are treated to more daylight, bank holidays and days off work to go on holiday. When the summer comes around it is the ideal time for us to start looking into some jobs around the home. Our house needs maintenance all year long to stay strong and structurally sound, and during the summer it is the ideal time to do some of those niggling jobs. Here are some of the things you will want to get done in the summer. There are some things though that you should never do alone!

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Clean out the gutters

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Our gutters are something which we often forgot to take care of outside our homes. However, they are incredibly important to the structure of our home. When it rains, the gutters collect this water and draw it away from our home so that water can not get into the house. During the year when trees shed leaves and storms occur, the gutters can become clogged. Get up on a ladder this summer weekend and spend some time clearing out the gutter to keep water away from the house.

Unclog the drains

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The drains are constantly in contact with liquids and solids of all forms, and unless you want to have to call out Mr. Rooter Plumbing to fix your pipes: yo need to look after them. Take the time this weekend to unclog all of your drains around the house and make sure that they are flowing to their fullest. This will keep them from cracking and bursting.

Clean out the spare room

When you have a free Sunday, why not take the time to get into your spare room and clean it out? Your spare room is often forgotten about in the home and this can lead to it becoming clogged up and full of random items. Take the time this summer weekend to be ruthless and clear out everything you no longer use. You will feel much happier and more cleansed after doing this.

Check the roof

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The roof might start to cave in and the tiles might start to fall after a long time. So it is important for you to check up on it from time to time to check it’s stability. Make sure you have plenty of shielding in your loft to stop water getting to the house and you can replace a few shingles yourself if they have fallen off.

Spruce it up

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In the summer you have more daylight and the house is warmer too. This makes it the perfect time to go around and give the home a coat of paint to freshen up. Choose a bright color which will bring some life and character to space and get painting this weekend. It won’t take too long to dry and you will feel amazing once you have done it. You can also bring in some new furniture, cushions and hang some of your favorite art on the wall. Your home will feel brand new in no time!

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