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Lawn Mowing Tips: How to Mow Your Lawn Correctly

Lawn mowing leaves different experiences for different individuals. There are those who are able to undertake it easily while there are those who find it to be really demanding. What stands out amongst all those who try to mow the lawn is that they desire to do it right. This is because when you complete the task correctly it will be done faster and most importantly is that the lawn will look amazing. 

1 – When to Mow 

The first and most important tip is the best time of the day to cut grass. Lawn mowing is an important activity that should be undertaken to ensure that the grass on the lawn looks good and healthy. Therefore, it is important to determine the right time to mow the lawn. 

Ideally, you will cut according to the needs and the height of the grass. It is important to note that the ideal height of the grass is about 4cm in length. Therefore, if the grass in your yard is above 6cm is important to consider cutting it. 

The ideal mowing time is weekly in summer and once every 2 weeks in sprint and autumn. It is not recommended to cut your grass during winter regularly as its growth rate is usually really low. It is important to reduce the number of times the lawn is mowed in case there is a prolonged dry period during summer. 

2 – Best time of Day to Mow the Lawn

The best time of the day to mow your lawn is at mid-morning. This is because early morning there will be a lot of dew making the grass really wet. On the other hand past midday, the temperatures will most likely be too hot and the grass will be too dry. Therefore, it is recommended that the grass is mowed at around midday when the dew is dried a bit and the temperatures are not very high. 

It is also important to show a lot of courtesy and respect to your neighbors when mowing your lawn. When it is still too early, you should not use a power-driven lawn mower and instead use a manual one. You can also opt to use an electric lawn mower that produces less noise. 

3 – How to Mow the Lawn 

The lawn should always be mowed using the ⅓ rule. This is applied through mowing the grass by cutting a third of its height. However, it is important to leave at least 3cm in height of most grass types that you have planted on your lawn. It is important to learn how to adjust your lawnmower to the right height. This will help to mow the lawn well and produce quality results. 

It is important to note that each type of grass has its own characteristics that need to be considered so as to mow the lawn correctly. Therefore, you should always check the lawn and type of grass that is planted there. First, you should then go ahead and remove any rocks, debris, or twigs that are present on the lawn. You can use a rake for this process so as to make the yard cleaner to mow effectively. You do not want to have rocks and twigs when you start mowing as they can get stuck in the lawn mower blades. 

Finally, you should also consider subdividing your lawn into sections if you have a large yard. This will go a long way into helping you pace yourself for each section and improve productivity. 

4 – How to Deal with Slopes 

You should also learn to deal with the different terrains on the lawn. The most important terrain is perhaps the sloppy parts of the lawn. You should ride the lawnmower up and down slopes rather horizontally to the slope. You should also remember that you should not mow very close to trees, hedges, playground equipment, and other things on the lawnmower. Instead, the grass around this area should be trimmed using a grass trimmer. 

5 – How to Pick the Right Lawn Mower 

The trick here is that there are different rules when using different types of lawnmowers. Therefore, the first thing to understand is that each lawnmower will have its own rules. You should also consider mulching the grass instead of collecting them in the lawnmower or using a rake afterward.

There are various types of lawnmowers available in the market and you should choose one according to your needs. If you have a smaller lawn you can go with the human-powered lawn mower. You can also use corded electric lawn mowers. However as the size of the lawn increases gradually you should consider a power-driven motor that will ensure that you’ll mow the lawn with ease. You can also use the cordless electric lawn mower or a petrol-powered lawnmower when working on a large lawn. 

The factors to consider when making a purchase of the lawnmower include the physical fitness of the person mowing the lawn, the topography of the lawn, the cost of the lawnmower in relation to the budget, and most importantly the size of the lawn. It is important to note that proper maintenance of the lawnmower should be undertaken for it to work effectively. Consider cleaning and sharpening the blades. 


In summary, lawn mowing is an exercise that you cannot avoid as a yard owner. Therefore, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire someone, the above tips will come in handy. Therefore, consider following the above lawn mowing tips and you will definitely mow your lawn correctly. Furthermore, you will also be able to produce a cleaner finish. 

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