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How Low (Maintenance) Can Your Home Go?

The style of your home is important, but no homeowner wants to spend their free time cleaning. It’s yucky, time-consuming, and boring. You’d much rather sit on the sofa and binge a Netflix series or go out for drinks with friends. Alas, your Saturday has been reduced to donning rubber gloves and scrubbing the oven until it sparkles. If only there were a way to avoid this nasty business so you didn’t have to bother. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It would, and it’s possible as long as the home is low-maintenance. Houses don’t seem demanding as they never nag or complain, but they require plenty of attention.

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Here’s how to make them less needy.

Durable Materials

One of the reasons homes take up so much of your time is erosion. The materials in the house are weak and degrade over time. As a result, you have to work twice as hard to maintain the appearance of perfection. There is a simple solution here, and it’s to replace them with longer-lasting supplies. Think about the roof and how many times it has leaked. Wouldn’t it be simpler to hire a metal shingle installer to plug the gaps? After all, aluminum doesn’t corrode as much and doesn’t need cleaning often either. Inside the home, think tiles and stones as opposed to wood.

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Less Ornate Lighting

Let there be light is a phrase you’ll see in almost every interior design post nowadays. Using light as a means to decorate is a neat trick which is effective. So, out there, dramatic fixtures might appear in your home. From a maintenance perspective, they are a nightmare because they collect dust, dirt, and grime. The surface area is too great and requires plenty of cleaning. Recessed lighting is a cool trick as there are fewer nooks and crannies. Plus, spotlighting, for example, is easy to control so you can add to the style.

Wipe Down Surfaces

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Dust isn’t the only problem; leftover food on hard surfaces is an issue too. Picture the scene. You’re making dinner and there are crumbs everywhere. Not only that, but the pasta sauce is bubbling and spitting onto the walls and countertops. High-maintenance properties exacerbate the problem by having gaps in the tiling full of grout. Once it’s in there, it isn’t coming out and it can even lead to smells. Therefore, a fully tiled wall with a smooth kitchen top is essential as you can wipe it down in seconds. Vinyl is quite popular because of its smooth, glossy texture.


The glass and the treatments are collectors of dirt. Glass is straightforward to clean as long as it’s reachable. In houses with high ceilings, this isn’t always the case. Using a ladder is a hassle, which is why tilting them back into the property is a smart move. Because of the angle, there is no need to stretch or strain. Regarding curtains, blinds, and shutters, in-blinds tend to be the least attention-seeking. If they do, they aren’t difficult to dust.

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Is your home low-maintenance? How low can it go?

Our contributor had some good input to give on making a low-maintenance home. Some of the materials mentioned would be real time savers!

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