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How to Choose the Best Dog for Your Family

When it comes time to choose the best dog for your family, you have to think about the people who you are going to live with and even the other pets that are in the home as well. This is easier said than done. Furthermore, this is especially the case if you have cats or even very little space. If you want to get some help choosing your own then you can find out whatever you need to know right here.

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Time and Energy

The first thing that you need to do is consider how much time and energy you can devote to having a dog. If you work very long hours and you have a very long commute to work then it would probably be hard to try and find enough time to spend with your beloved pooch. If dogs do not get enough attention, then it is very easy for them to become destructive and unhappy in general.

Attention means that they need more than just love and affection well, so think about it, can you give them enough exercise? Do you have what it takes to keep them mentally and physically happy? Can you afford the cost to have your them stay at a kennel if you do happen to go away?

best dog
When considering a dog, think about grooming requirements.

You also need to make sure that you can afford a dog. Depending on the breed that you have, your dog may live up to 15 years. During this time, you will have to look after them, invest in them and provide them with a home. You also have the cost of the spaying or neutering, and even the cost of having them vaccinated as well. On top of this, there is the cost of a crate, a leash, and the food. After the first year, the cost for having a dog will go down. But you will still come across an unexpected expense now and again.

best dog
Some dogs are “people dogs” who love to spend time with their “pack” of humans.


You also need to try and decide what type of dog you want. You need to do your research and decide which one is best for you. If you only have a small amount of space then it makes sense for you to have a smaller dog. If you have a lot of space or if there are a lot of walking areas near to where you are then you may be able to opt for a bigger pooch.


And lastly, you need to know what exercise your dog needs. If you have no idea what breed of dog you have then you can check out this link “review of DNA my dog” to find out more. Some dogs will need way more exercise when compared to others and if you are not willing to provide them with this then you may open them up to a world of health problems. This is the last thing that you need, and it can really make it even more expensive for you in the future as well.

Choosing a dog isn’t an easy decision, but doing your research is vitally important.DogPin

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