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Does Your Home Feed or Starve the Senses?

When it comes to designing living spaces, there’s a chance that we’ve been going about things all wrong. We complicate a lot of matters when really it might be better to focus on, well, our human nature. For example, instead of coming up with some complex way to design a home that’s in tune with latest trends, why not design a home that’s based on our senses, what we naturally like? If all our senses – touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound – can enjoy our home, then it’s safe to assume that it’ll naturally be right for us. Below, we take a look at how you can do this.

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The Right Lighting

Lighting can dramatically affect the look and feel of the home, yet it remains one of the things that most people overlook. There’s a tendency to just go with whatever’s going to light the room well, but not too well, and then move on. In reality, it’s worthwhile being a little more clever about your lighting. Try to pick the lighting style that’s right for each room. A kitchen needs to be bright yet inviting. A living room needs to be cozy in the winter and bright in the summer. In the bedroom, the lighting should be soft so that you can fall asleep easily.

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Calming Sounds

People can get used to just about anything. Live next to a loud, busy road, and you’ll eventually get used to the sound, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing – it’s not. Make sure your home has the right sounds, and you’ll be on the right path. If it’s too noisy, then add noise canceling doors and curtains. You can also look at adding things like an outdoor water feature, which will give your home that lovely running water sound when you’re in the yard during summer.

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A Pleasant Scent

By far the scent that is most overlooked in the home is the smell. Because you can’t see it, we think it’s OK to overlook – but it’s not! And your guests would agree. So get to thinking about the smell in your home. When done correctly, it can make your home an all-around more relaxing and enjoyable space to be. If you don’t have one already, visit this website and you’ll be able to add a scent diffuser to the most commonly used rooms in your home. There’s nothing nicer than having a natural, relaxing scent in the air!

To the Touch

Our homes should be cozy, and that means you’ve got the perfect excuse to load up on throws and blankets that are soft to the touch. They’re some of those non-essential home items that are worth spending a little extra money on than normal.

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What’s in the Kitchen?

Finally, make sure you’re cooking meals that offer the maximum taste! If you load up your kitchen with common and exotic spices, herb-infused vinegars and savory sauces, then you’ll be able to quickly cook up a storm. Mealtime can always be interesting if you have a fully stocked kitchen!

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Editorial Note: This article was contributed by a writer who seems to really know how to appeal to all of our senses. Follow your instincts to create a space that pleases all your senses.

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