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How to Save Time on Your Garden Maintenance

Gardening is arguably one of life’s ultimate pleasures. Garden maintenance, on the other hand, can feel like a chore.

While digging in the Earth can offer an escape from your daily hustle and bustle, it may equally present its challenges. This has caused many to perceive gardening as dull and messy. However, a 2018 study reported that gardening is the single common thing among the world’s centenarians. With longevity and good health being one of the critical focuses of present lifestyles, now looks like a good time to grab your tools and get muddy.

Four Useful Garden Maintenance Tips

If you feel gardening is too time-consuming for your busy lifestyle, here’s how you can save time on your gardening maintenance.

1 – Cultivate self-sowing annuals

Aside from adding a unique tone to your garden, annuals also sprout for quite a long time. You can plant them every year, although sometimes they reseed to grow in the soil. Therefore, you don’t need to spend so much time and resources growing them yourself. However, you should bear in mind that these plants can reseed anywhere and everywhere, not necessarily only in places you need them to sprout.  

2 – Keep mulching

Mulch naturally does many things for your garden. It spruces up a nursery in a flash, maintains dampness, stifles weeds, and protects the soil. The mulch layer, while breaking down, will lessen the amount of improvement and manure you’ll have to add to your ground. Getting your mulch delivered from a nursery is excellent and additionally less expensive compared to purchasing and carrying packs from the nursery community. Two square yards are sufficient for between 2 and 3 layer inches in a quarter-acre garden. However, the mulch type, availability, and price may vary from one location to another. You may examine and determine which one works best for you.

Adding mulch helps retain moisture plus keeps weeds at bay.

3 – Save time watering

There’s no fun in carrying heavy water cans to and from your garden on a Saturday morning. Hanging bags and containers remain the biggest culprits. The practical approach to solving this is to move your garden pots to shadier and more viable spots in the summer. You can’t remove watering from gardening, but you can undoubtedly make it easier. You may want to contact your local plumbers on how you can introduce a watering system in your garden. 

Additionally, consider the weather conditions to find the right watering plan. Although the best watering systems will require some maintenance, it’s undoubtedly better than regularly carrying those heavy cans with everything you need to water your gardens.

4 – Remove needy plants

As much as it pains you to do so, sometimes you need to thin our your plants. Saving the most robust while removing the weak specimens adds health and beauty to your yard.

When it comes to gardening, everyone wants to grow the most exotic and beautiful plants. But the reality is that not every plant will grow well in your garden.

Even the most time invested by the most committed gardener cannot make a plant grow in unfavorable conditions. The time you spend coaxing a needy plant often goes to waste. Therefore, whatever you do, be practical with your plant choices and remove any varieties not suitable for your soil or conditions in that particular location.

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