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Wings Up! What to Know Before You Emigrate

How exciting is it to be in a position where you can take your life across the world to a new country, put it down and let roots grow? For some people, moving abroad is not something exciting to enjoy, but scary and overwhelming and complicated. For others, to emigrate abroad is the ultimate adventure. Well, we’re in camp two: it’s the ultimate adventure!

That doesn’t mean that it’s not overwhelming at times! There is so much to organize when it comes to moving abroad. You’re not just changing the scenery out of the front window. Nope–you’re revamping your whole life. You’re investing in the right home, the right flights and the right moving company to get you to a new beginning. That’s one of the most exciting things that you can do in life, and yet there are things you need to know before you get going. So, let’s check out a list of six things that you should consider before you emigrate.

What You Should Know Before You Emigrate

1 – Research – Your New Best Friend

Arriving in a new country, particularly if you choose one that doesn’t have English as the first language, requires investigation. You need to know about the bank accounts, health service, tax laws, and the etiquette as much as you need to know about the best places to visit when you’re exploring.

2 – Talk To Everyone

It would help if you informed a lot of people about your impending migration, from the bank to the tax office. If this move is a permanent one for you, you’ll be contacting companies like Allied Van Lines to book your move interstate and arranging to sell your house. There are a lot of people to talk to about your move, and you need to get a list together!

3 – Visa Options

For a move abroad, you’ll need a visa and the options are endless depending on where you plan to move to – and almost every permit requires a medical check. Speaking to your doctor about what you’ll need before you go is a good idea as you may need a medical that’s relevant to the place to which you are moving.

4 – Get Scanning

All of your most important documents should be scanned and added to a USB stick. This USB will ensure that you have everything to hand while your actual paper documents are in transit. This way, you have them ready for rental proof and your employer should you need anything!

5 – Don’t Lose Touch

Unless you are planning on starting over entirely, don’t lose touch with the people you are leaving behind. Make use of video chat and keep in contact with your loved ones while you travel abroad.

6 – Immerse Yourself In The Experience

You are moving to the other side of the world. Even if this is not a permanent change for you, you can still immerse yourself in the experience of the move and live your life with new discoveries. This is your time to embrace everything that life has to offer – make it count.


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