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Don’t Miss Family Fun in Orlando Florida

Well, we all know that Orlando, Florida is a fun place to be for people of all ages. But most people visiting Orlando, Florida keep running around visiting theme parks and never get to enjoy what the rest of the city has to offer.

Now, I’m not saying that theme parks in Orlando aren’t fun, but its good to look at things from a different perspective, especially when traveling with family.

With the travel season around the corner, popular places tend to be overwhelmingly busy. Visiting these places these peak times not only ruins the experience but also leaves you frustrated at times. You can also distribute your holiday schedule into segments where you visit the theme parks on certain days and move towards more peaceful and budget-friendly options on other days.

Here’s a list of fun, family activities you can do with your kids that are located in the heart of the city and don’t break your bank.

1. The Crayola Experience

Kids are creative geniuses – they need a crayon to prove it. The Crayola Experience has around 26 unique hands-on activities for your kids to enjoy. Covering more than 70,000 square feet, this facility brings out the creative genius within everyone. It is a perfect place to let your little one’s imaginations run wild through a full display of art and colors.

From watching the making of crayons to personalizing their wrapping – everything related to colors is loved by children of all ages. The entire attraction is indoors, which makes it a perfect place for families on a rainy day.

2. Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center is everything a budding mind needs. It includes four floors, full of exhibits! Most of these exhibits are hands-on, and the center also frequently hosts demonstrations throughout each day. So, whether your children like stars, cars, or dinosaurs, they will find something that excites their senses and make them fall in love with the place.

Most families that come here like to spend the entire day because there’re so many exciting things for the kids. It helps with their learning, and it comes special offers for teachers. Yes! Florida teachers can get into the OSC free if they show school credentials.

3. Lukas Nursery and the Butterfly Encounter

While exploring fun places to visit in Orlando with your kids, it is, at times, an excellent option to consider areas that aren’t located at the center of everything. The Lukas Nursery is one such place that most kids tend to like. It is located in Oviedo, just north of Orlando, Florida. Once you enter through the small aviary of the butterfly garden, you get a chance to get close to these beautiful beings.

Make sure to visit them on a sunny day and call them before visiting. Since butterflies’ activity depends on the weather, you must make sure you visit them at the right time. The peak activity season is between April and September.

4. Lake Eola Park–the pride of Orlando Florida

Lake Eola Park is the centerpiece of Orlando. It holds the famous fountain, namely the Orlando icon. You can take your kids out on a stroll around the lake or go out on a swam paddleboat. The kids can use this park’s playgrounds or feed the Lake Eola Swans. Note: these swans go all in for the food at times. It is prudent to throw the food towards them and save your fingers). The park also hosts Orlando Farmer’s Market, which features craft, home décor vendors, and food – hence making it a unique experience for your kids.   

5. Kennedy Space Center

Trust me! Your kids will love the Kennedy Space Center. This facility is serving as the home to the American Space Program for years. Therefore, it brings the astronaut out of every child. The facility was the base for several significant events in scientific history. Some of the notable events include the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle Program.

Kids love to tour around NASA’s facilities, get fascinated by the several interactive exhibits and the marvelous launchpad. They can watch an actual launch if you happen to be on there at the same time.

What’s the coolest part of a visit to this site? You can see some actual souvenirs from the Moon at the space center!

6. ICON Orlando

If your family is comfortable with heights, consider visiting the ICON Orlando. It is a 400-feet giant wheel that offers a 360-degree perspective of the entire city. The kids can later brag about how they took a spin at the tallest wheel on the whole east coast of America.  At its peak, you can see Orlando’s theme parks, amazing landscapes, and the beautiful skyline.

7. WonderWorks

We all know that edgy things tend to stuck in our minds. Imagine seeing unique, whacky, and fun stuff as a kid. Think about the positive impact it would have on their imagination. The WonderWorks is where you can find exhibits that are sure to make your kids wonder! It has around 100 interactive exhibits your kids can play with.

Some highlights of this place include earthquake simulations, baseball pitch speed, and a chance to create your roller coaster! Sounds fun, right?

Want to know the wackiest thing about this place? It’s upside down!

Other Places Worth Mentioning Near Orlando, Florida

Other than the places mentioned above, here some additional places that are worth mentioning.

  • Congo River Adventure Golf – Mini golf is a fun afternoon retreat for the whole family. The entire world is modeled after the African safari experience and comprises of waterfalls, jungles, caves, and more.
  • Busch Gardens – Although this park is located outside of Orlando, it is at an easy drive from the central city. Based around the Tampa Bay area, the Busch gardens offer encounters with exotic animals and several unique attractions.

One post can’t always do justice with what a city has to offer. And when it comes to Orlando, no amount of words can describe how happening this city has become.

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