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5 Inspiring Home Exterior Renovation Ideas

What does your curb appeal say about you? Perhaps an exterior renovation could boost your appeal.

The interior of your home isn’t the only area that needs your attention. Indeed, the outside is just as important too. This statement is especially true as it’s the first impression guests will see before entering your home.

If you had to be totally honest about the exterior of your home, what do you think it tells you?

You must ensure that it is well kept and maintained. Or you will see it neglected, in need of maintenance, outdated or half-finished. If it’s the latter, check the ideas below to see what you can do to give your houses’ exterior the renovation it deserves, to treat your guests to a welcoming entrance, and to give you a home to be proud of.

Window Frames

The window frames of your home make more of an impression than you think. The rise of colored panes currently trends better than white PVC. You could consider either hiring professionals to paint your existing window panes or replace them completely to enhance the aesthetics of your homes’ exterior.


A distinctive part of most houses exterior is the siding, Which over time if it isn’t maintained can begin to look disheveled. You may wish to strip and paint the siding or change it all together by hiring a siding contractor, The Siding King to give your home the facelift it yearns for an overhaul over your homes’ appearance.

Front door

Merely changing the front door could make the statement you need to uplift the front of your home. Fortunately, it’s quite simple and cost-effective to do. You will find a large range of paints available on the market. And this abundance of colors to chose from can add a contemporary feel to the exterior of your home. Further than this, you can change the hardware such as the handle and knocker to add further impact and update the look.


If you have the luxury of enjoying a front garden, use this as your focal point for the front of your home. It’s the one thing that distracts viewers from houses tired fascia and draws wandering eyes to the appealing and visual yard.

Regarding gardening techniques and landscaping, keeping it tidy and simple is key. This means creating neat patches of evergreen shrubs and annual perennials are essential to ensure you have greenery and flowers blooming throughout the year that can withstand different seasons.

Porch Light

The light to brighten up the porch and doorway could be an element of the exterior of your home currently lacks. When choosing a light fitting, opt for something that will remain in keeping with the style of your home. And always purchase a light that’s bigger than the one you think you’ll need.

The reason being?

People tend to underestimate how big the light will look on the front of their home. Thus, they play it safe with a smaller light. However, they tend to be disappointed when they discover it looks much smaller than they envisioned.

The bottom line on exterior renovation

Toying with the ideas above will instantly give you an insight into your own home. You’ll identifity what you think would benefit from changing. And, you’ll see what will make a much-needed impact to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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