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3 Ways to Protect Your Data from Big Tech

Big Tech is snoopy, invasive, and abusive to our privacy. 

Sadly, though, we rely on their offerings more today than ever before.  We started out playing games and sharing pictures of cats and puppies. Then we moved our work off of our desktops and into cloud computing. 

Today, we rely on could-based apps for everything.  And they don’t return the love. 

You might wonder what this has to do with DIY Home & Garden’s content. I am deeming this part of essential home safety advice. 

Because here is the truth. Big tech now permeates every facet of our lives.  In the past, we shared info on how to protect yourself from catfish. Well, consider big tech a catfish times ten. Scammers are everywhere, and data breaches leave you exposed and vulnerable.

Many DIY Home & Garden subscribers homeschool their children, telecommute to jobs, and keep in touch with distant family and friends via this technology.  Closing this privacy gap is every bit as essential to your home safety as planning other security measures. 

Do I Need Protection from Big Tech?


Let me explain briefly how the largest social media platforms work.  First, you have to understand–they are grifters. 

They create almost no content. The content that sparks conversation, drives debate, and even incites verbal conflicts comes from users. Every time a friend or subscriber to your social media feed shares a meme, hits the “like” button on a joke, or comments on your big announcement, that feeds them data about you and your friends. 

You see, they use a technology called Artificial Intelligence (AI) to discern and categorize users and decide what products or services you might enjoy. Then, they feed you a steady diet of ads based on what they know about you. 

To be clear. You create the content for them for free, driving users to them. Then, they repay your efforts by selling your data to their advertisers. Like I said. They are complete grifters. 

What to Do About It?

This is not a partisan or political post; nor is this concern politically motivated. I could care less about your politics. My concern is that you protect your keep your info private so that you are not targeted by scammers.

Every person should care about their data privacy

Consider this possible scenario… 

You look up info on a private medical condition, say you are coping with fertility issues. But you forget to log out of the family’s tablet. Your little one picks up the tablet to play a game and starts seeing ads about things you might not want to discuss with them just yet. Quite frankly, discussing how babies are made with your six-year-old is not high on your to-do list. Right?

Fortunately, you can do three epic things to troll the big tech platforms and reclaim the power over your data privacy.  Take big tech out of the driver’s seat and grab control of the steering wheel. 

This 12-minute video explains HOW to protect yourself.  We provide you with specific measures suggested by researchers at Northwestern University.

So whether you work online or browse social media casually, please stay safe!

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