Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables 3 Crops for Beginner Gardeners

When it comes to acquiring high-quality fruit and vegetables for our meals, we tend to head straight to the supermarket, where we can pick up whatever we need from the shelves.

20 Easy Fruit-Infused Waters That Hydrate Your Body

If you live in a relatively hot climate, with long and humid summers, you probably get tired of drinking water. These 20 easy fruit-infused waters will help hydrate your body. Better yet, they taste great and add variety to all the water you've been drinking. 

Freeze Strawberry Puree Today So You Can Enjoy the Berry Good Sweetness All Year!

Strawberries are so delicious that I freeze strawberry puree every season so that I can pull some out of the freezer throughout the year and enjoy. There's no sweeter indulgence than a decadent home-baked cheesecake topped with fresh strawberry flavor in the middle of November when strawberries are just not available.

Hot, Fresh Strawberry Pancakes: A Reason To Get Out of Bed!

In North Carolina, we are lucky that we harvest strawberries in April every year. The season starts around mid-April here in Eastern NC and lasts through early May. Give or take a few days, we have a few short weeks to savor the juicy, sweet flavor of strawberries. Pancakes with fresh strawberries are the perfect way to start out a cool April morning.