Building A Coffee Gift Basket

Today I am deviating from my normal type of post.  I’m usually all about cooking, baking, and gardening.   However, today I am going to share information on how to build a gift basket.

All my friends know I love to give gift baskets.  I give them for showers (baby and wedding), birthdays, weddings, and graduations.

For several years I have been asked how I get everything to stay in place. I have even shipped them and they apparently come out of the box with the pieces still securely in place.

The secret is that there is not any special glues, adhesives, or tapes.  It is securely packed newspaper in the bottom of the basket and covered up by gift shred.  So, the secret is out.

This particular basket is an engagement gift basket for an acquaintance who is getting married soon. I don’t know her that well, but I do know she drinks a lot of coffee. The coffee mug is a cute glass mug that says “He put a ring on it.”

I have decided to share this today via video.

Also, I have been wanting to try a video blog.  So I am breaking out from behind the computer screen to in front of the camera screen. I felt it was easier to demonstrate this particular “how to” than to write it.

So please watch and enjoy!




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