Meet Our Team

meet our team
Meet the DIY Home & Garden team.

We sometimes get emails asking about our team. It’s both exciting and flattering. Without these people, we couldn’t crank out the superb quality content that our followers adore. We are real people writing about topics we love. What makes this crazy thing work is the mix of personalities and unique points of view of each contributor to DIY Home & Garden.

Because we’ve received so many emails complimenting our writers and inquiring if we are real writers, here’s the scoop on our writing team.


  • Deborah Tayloe is the publisher, editor, content creator, webmaster, graphic designer, and jack of all trades for DIY Home & Garden! She works a full-time job as a makeup artist, works an additional job as a freelance digital content writer, and unwinds by working on her pet project: DIY Home & Garden. She’s a true DIY nerd and is happiest when enthusiastically wielding her paintbrush against a piece of outdated furniture.


  • Peculiar Erhis is the Senior Contributor to DIY Home & Garden. She’s the right-hand gal! Definitely, Peculiar is the go-to girl when we need a tight deadline met or a new idea researched. Peculiar is a teacher by day and an extraordinarily busy blogger by night. She enjoys telling a good story and engaging readers with her sharp observations and sarcastic sense of humor. Now if only she could get those students of hers to punctuate as skillfully as she does…
  • Caroline Kahingo is a Regular Contributor to DIY Home & Garden by night and a high school teacher by day. While she didn’t major in writing, the written word just comes naturally to her. She is a voracious reader and loves to spin words to tell a story. Caroline is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Psychology. In her very sparse downtime, she loves decorating her home in a fun and creative way. She aspires to slow down one day and travel the world.
  • Alejandra Velazquez is a Regular Contributor and specializes in creating authentic Mexican dishes from her native Sonoran desert region. In addition to throwing down all that great Mexican food, Ale is an accomplished photographer. Fans of our site love her gorgeous, up-close images of simmering tomatoes and vibrant sauces. Ale also loves DIY projects, but we just can’t get enough of her cuisine! We have thought about bringing her out of the kitchen and into the DIY side of things. But the problem is, she’s the strongest cook on our team!
  • Francheska “Franki” Hanke is a Regular Contributor and loves to submit pieces when her crazy college schedule allows! Franki is majoring in English and Digital Media, and we know firsthand how talented she is! Franki submits articles on DIY gifts on a budget and is also our go-to for help when we need a creative mind to give us suggestions on how to enliven our social media! She has created both sharp photographic images and fun graphics for us. We can always count on Franki for help behind the scenes or when we need content on a tight deadline!

So now you know our secrets. We are a team of real people. We each have our own strengths that we write about. For Peculiar, it’s organizing and whipping the garden or house into shape. Caroline writes for us as an escape–between teaching and pursuing her Master’s Degree, we are lucky to have her. For Alejandra, it’s cooking savory Mexican dishes that will make you want to slap yo Mama (that’s a Southern saying, please don’t really slap her!). Franki excels at creating budget-friendly DIY crafts and homemade gifts and helping us out with Social Media. Deborah loves to restore furniture and dig around in her garden.

We love the questions you email us. We appreciate your thoughts and support for our efforts!

It’s a lot of fun to work every day with these talented writers, cooks, and DIY’ers. It may sound like a crazy mix of people. And it is! But we all make it work!

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