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Bird Bath: 5 Reasons to Add This Feature for Your Beautiful Feathered Friends

A bird bath is an excellent way to attract many species of birds to your garden. They need preening and drinking water, which cools them down during hot weather. Plus, they will appreciate the beauty of the birdbath, so it’s worth the money. Listed below are some benefits of a birdbath and how you can make it more appealing to birds.

After you add this water feature to your yard, you will be glad you did. Your feathered friends will come to your home for hydration and relaxation. You’ll get to sit back and watch them put on an entertaining show.

Five Benefits of Adding a Bird Bath to Your Yard

A bird bath has several benefits, which are listed below. It keeps birds happy and free from bugs. It also keeps mosquitoes away because they cannot lay their eggs in running water. And most importantly, it’s safe for birds to drink from it, as long as it is placed away from predators.

Here are five reasons your feathered friends will flock to your yard if you provide this watering spot.

1 – Birds need to drink water year-round

Birds need to drink water regularly, and a bird bath is essential for the welfare of your backyard flock. In particular, it is necessary to have a bird bath when many natural sources are frozen in the winter. A bird bath is a good option for these times of year because it allows winter birds to access water, which might otherwise be unavailable.

2 – Birds need water for preening

A bird bath can stimulate a bird’s natural instincts for preening and grooming. A bird bath can be a simple shallow bowl or your purchased bird bath filled with two inches of tepid water. It is also helpful to mist birds to stimulate their bathing habits. Some larger birds prefer to bathe in a larger pool of water, while others (small songbirds) prefer a shallow pool of water. Ensure the water is not too deep, as it can drown birds.

Birds will better enjoy a bath if the water is on the cooler side–and not too hot–so spot the bathing station in the shade if you live in a hot area.

You will need to clean it daily to prevent bacteria growth. Some tiny birds enjoy splashing water and will even splash around in a bit of water left in your wheelbarrow after a rainstorm if you forget to tip it out.

Befriend your local birds by feeding them and providing a water source in January and February.

3 – A bird bath helps birds cool down in hot weather

In hot weather, birds use several methods to cool down. They move to shady areas, pant, and drink water. Some species even urinate to increase their evaporative cooling. On the other hand, some wet their feathers in a stream or puddle to keep cool. Shorebirds, for example, spend a lot of time on the water. The gular sac in their throat flutters, dispersing heat.

Birds have a higher body temperature than humans, averaging around 105° F. Although they can cope with hot temperatures, they can also overheat quickly during sweltering weather. Their body temperature can become unstable, affecting their nervous system, balance, and flight abilities. Birds with unstable body temperatures also have more difficulty staying warm when the temperature drops.


4 – You’ll attract a large variety of birds

You can attract a wide variety of birds to your yard with a bird bath. Birds like moving water. You can install a fountain, water pump, or water wiggler to provide movement. You can also place a bird bath in a shady area or near a cover.

Birds prefer above-ground level birdbaths. This helps prevent predators such as cats from getting at the birds while they bathe. It’s also essential to place the bird bath where it receives enough shade to keep it from being in direct sunlight. Trees also provide branches on which birds can perch and preen. A bird bath presence will attract various birds, including those that wouldn’t typically come to feeders.

Penn State University Agriculture Extension office suggests that you keep the water level at no more than two inches when installing a bird bath. Small birds don’t like deep water and will avoid bathing in it if it’s too deep–or they risk drowning. However, that’s okay–even shallow bird baths will attract larger songbirds.

5 – You will enjoy watching the birds

If you love birdwatching, you might be surprised at the new friends who start visiting their newly-found watering hole. Even birds you never saw before (Admit it! You know who your “regulars” are!) will soon arrive to partake of the life-giving clean water you provide them.

So get your camera ready. You might soon have some stunning new images to share on your social channels.

bird migration
Click this photo to learn about how to assist birds with their migration.

The Takeaway: A Bird Bath Will Be an Excellent Feature for Your Yard

Bird baths can benefit your yard and the health of the birds who visit them.

Let’s recap:

Birds need fresh water year-round. The presence of water attracts birds, and they will flock to strategically placed sources. A birdbath will also encourage more activity in your yard. Birds are attracted to water, and some believe that birds that bathe will alleviate their molting process.

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