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Genius Storage Hacks for Small Space Living

Studio apartments, tiny homes, lofts, and other small spaces are taking over. While there are many perks to living in a small space, there are oftentimes challenges – one of the most blatant being storage. But, storage does not have to be an ongoing challenge. With some craftiness, you can set your space up to be all that you could ever need. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most genius storage hacks for small space living.

small spaces
Small spaces can be charming–when you free them of clutter.

Try These 6 Genius Storage Hacks

These tips are well worth the time you’ll spend!

1. Look to the Heavens

No, not to pray for more storage space.

Oftentimes the overlooked square footage is right over our heads. Installing shelves high up on the walls gives you a space to store some of your less-frequently used items. You can even go all the way and install shelving around the entire perimeter of the room, just under the ceiling, for a chic and trendy open shelving option.

2. Unlock the Potential of Your Doors

Even if you live in the tiniest studio apartment, you probably have at least one door in your small space. If you live in a larger unit, you might have more doors like closet doors or bedroom doors to work with. Behind these doors is a good amount of unutilized space.
You have a few options for hacking this area for storage. You can use a consumer organizer like an over-the-door shoe hanger or other over-the-door shelving. You’ve probably seen different variations of these in the store.

If you’re feeling creative, you could also make simple DIY shelving behind your doors.

antique architecture dark design

3. Containers Are Your Best Friend

Trying to get organized in a small space can be tricky because it seems like there is so much stuff to put away. Clutter is one of the most common culprits of disorganization.

To alleviate this situation, slowly start building your arsenal of containers. Or, if you’re a little bolder, go for the all-at-once transformation.
Containers on the market today are available in a wide span of sizes and functions. When you go about organizing your home, think about the loose problem items that plague your paradise. Where possible, add a container to keep those accessories tidy. It’s helpful to keep in mind where you or your family would most commonly use those items.

For instance, for families with kids, you can consider buying a dual purpose stuffed animal storage that can also serve as a table for your little ones.

4. Declutter

Ok, this one is less of a storage hack and more of a life hack.

Sometimes, the biggest improvement you could make to your space is to get rid of anything in your home that is not necessary. Believe it or not, there is probably plenty that you could do without.

Over the years, you’ve likely accumulated excess clothing, medication, toiletries, books, documents, and more. It might be time to think about purging some of your existing storage.

During the process of decluttering, you may discover there are few things you don’t want to let go of. Aim for a win-win solution by putting them into a cheap storage unit close by! You can keep your belongings and have more space that way! 

contemporary furniture home indoors
De-cluttering makes a small space feel larger.

5. Embrace Nooks

If you were to imagine a charming, “fairytale” home you might envision lots of tiny nooks and crannies that are decorated adorably to make small spaces feel warm and rustic. However, you probably have a nook in your own space that you aren’t taking advantage of.
You don’t need a long, expansive area to implement a grand storage solution. Every small bit of storage makes a difference in the overall organization of your space. Take a look around and see if you can spot any wall space that is tucked away and unused. Get creative!

6. Make Dual-use Common in Your Home

One of the best space-saving decisions you could make in your small space is to make use of dual-purpose furniture – pieces that can be used for multiple tasks.

Apply this principle to pieces of furniture both big and small. You can either DIY creative storage solutions or take advantage of the many consumer options available today. There are some really interesting dual-purpose furniture pieces on the market today.

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