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Every Family Should Try These 10 Fun Fall Activities

Looking for fall activities to keep your family active this autumn? Why not? The temperatures are cooler, but the days are still sunny and comfortably warm. The leaves crackle under your feet, and the air fills with the spicy scents of freshly baked treats. Get out and enjoy these wonderful days before the cold arrives.

Here Are Ten Incredible Fall Activities to Try

Give fall activities these a whirl.

1 – Take a hike

Whether it’s a new hiking trail you’re exploring or just strolling through a city park, going on a family nature hike is one of the best ways to make your kids active and to let them connect with nature.

However, brace yourself for the whines!

Luckily, here are a few effective tips to help keep the kids engaged so you don’t have to bribe or do what for them to keep their cool throughout the trip.

  • First, be sure to engage them in deciding the type of hike they would like. Give choices for the very young ones—should we climb some rocks today? Walk by a river? Or hide in the pile of leaves?

That way, they feel part of the trip instead of when you just impose it on them.

  • Assign each person a task—let the kids take turns in leading the family on the trail.

As one navigates the group with a map, the other can be a medic carrying the first-aid kit.

  • Carry lots of their favorite snacks.
  • Make a game—do a scavenger hunt, play “I spy,” or even tell a Hero story.
  • Remember, for kids, it’s not often the destination that matters but the journey. And so, let them set the hiking pace no matter how slow they may be.
first aid kit

2 – Visit an apple orchard

This is one of the fall activities you don’t want to miss out on.

If you reside near an apple orchard, then definitely, create time for it.

Well, some places will let you pick the apples yourself while others will sell to you bushels of apples.

Either way, it’s the freshness that matters most.

Not sure where to go apple picking? Visit sites like ‘Pick Your Own’ to locate a place near you.

3 – Get lost and found in a corn maze

It’s fun to get lost and be found. Imagine calling the emergency line for help out of a corn maze when in fact, you’re just a few feet from the entrance!

Sounds crazy, right? But that’s the fun part of it all. If you can’t make it to your town fall festival, then opt for a local farm.

Prepare in advance, though. In case you get lost, stop and assess. Ensure your phone is fully charged for easy communication in case of an emergency.

Don’t worry–good corn mazes will not close until everyone is out. lol.

4 – Host a cookout with a fall theme, complete with fun activities

It’s the pumpkin season, but apples are also in plenty.

This is the time to prepare the ‘weird’ meals.

  • Cook your dinner in a pumpkin.
  • Make mini caramel apples—this awesome treat shouldn’t miss in your list of fall activities.

Not only is it yummy, but the recipe is quite easy to work with, especially when baking with kids.

It’s less messy than the typical caramel apples.

  • Other easy-to-make fall foods include pumpkin baked oatmeal, everything bagel cheeseball, and apple strudel.

Essentially, autumn foods fall into three categories—savory, sweet, and drinks—therefore, choose what works best for you.

best college football snacks

5 – Go to a tailgate party

Or simply tailgate from home. The truth is game days won’t feel the same this year. To simplify things, just create a tailgate vibe from the comfort of your home—indoors or outside.

Get a few friends (or even your family members) and some good snacks, and let them cheer on your favorite squad.

6 – Try your hand at making crafts

Craft-making is simply the best of the fall activities—great for when it’s rainy or in the cool of the day.

The best part…? It’s the pumpkin season! Essentially implying endless creativity.

Tap into the abundant fall leaves, acorns, and all things yellow, red, and orange—to craft your favorite fall decorations, most of which you can leave up from now till after Thanksgiving.

You can create wreaths to officially usher in autumn, centerpieces for your tables, or dip-dye candles to glow your space with some extra warmth.

Get creative with no-carve pumpkins to beautify your front porch or fall table. It’s also such a fun fall craft activity for kids.

However, be there to supervise all through, especially when using the hot glue gun.

7 – Spend time in the garden, planting spring bulbs

Fall is the best time to get your favorite spring bulbs into the ground, allowing them time to develop roots and naturalize, so they beautify your landscape with pops of color and fragrance in the spring.

Nothing says spring like a colorful garden of tulips, a mound of yellow daffodils, or an array of purple crocus.

Plant them in September/October—when the soil temperature has cooled.

8 – Take a road trip to a new spot

book vip gatlinburg

It’s always fun to visit and see places you’ve never been to.

And so, as you pack snacks, remember to also carry your camera, so you’re able to look back one day and smile at the memory pics.

Take advantage of the off-season rates and bring your little ones along too.

Do you know what it means to travel with kids? Pack, pack, and pack the kids’ travel essentials.

Plan the trip and leave early for your destination.

9 – Bake your favorite treat

It’s time to wear the chef hat and feel the heat of baking!

Craving a spicy pumpkin seed bar?

Bake or simply go with the no-bake option.

Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, hemp, and sesame seeds are just a few of the nutritious snacks you can fill up on this fall.

They’re easy to make and store. Simply make and leave them accessible on your kitchen counter, so you can nibble on them at will.

10 – Sip coffee with your friends (the most relaxing of fall activities!)

You don’t necessarily need to hang out with friends in the expensive coffee shops! Spend your quality time together sipping your home-brewed cup of favorite coffee bean. All you need is a good coffee brewing machine and beans.

This get-together is ideal for a rainy, cool afternoon.

Drunken Pumpkin Coffee Cocktail
Drunken Pumpkin: a Hot Coffee Cocktail that will knock your socks off.

The Takeaway: Spend Quality Time With Friends and Family Doing These Fantastic Fall Activities Together

There is no better time to spend quality time together as a family than this fall.

Get your family rolling with the above fall activities!

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